(2014-04-30) Brooklyn Bridge Repairs 3
Brooklyn Bridge Repairs 3: Princess of Themyscira
Summary: As the repair efforts to the Brooklyn Bridge continue towards completion, Wonder Woman comes by and offers her assistance, and Power Woman gets a chance to meet the Princess of the Amazons.
Date: 2014-04-30
Related: The bridge was destroyed in Kaiju Attack on Manhattan. Repairs were mentioned in Brooklyn Bridge Repairs 1 and in Brooklyn Bridge Repairs 2: The Sentinel of Liberty Appears
NPCs: Damage Control
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Social

The devastation wrought on New York City by the gigantic Godzilla is, slowly, starting to be erased. More time will still be required, of course, before those scars start to truly fade from the mind's eye. But they are already fading, bit by bit, from the actual eye. The debris of the nuclear flames slagging warehouses, docks and streets is now cleared away entirely, and the area has been treated with experimental technology that is soaking up the radiation, neutralizing it in a form that can be carted away, leaving behind useable, safe soil once more. The wreckage of the shattered Brooklyn Bridge has been cleaned away, everything that could be salvaged has been and now awaits re-use, including far more of the surface stonework than most would have expected. Most impressively, the vast expansion bridge itself has almost completely taken shape once again, thanks to the seemingly tireless efforts of the crews of Damage Control, Inc., and the metahuman heroes who have given unstintingly to help.

Amongst those heroes has been, from the beginning, the mighty feminine powerhouse known around the world as Power Woman, inheritor of the legacy of Superman of World War II. Kara was here to do battle with the Godzilla beast, and ended up being the one to finally lead it away from the city and freeze it, so that SHIELD could cart it away to wherever they take giant unstoppable monsters. Today, she once again gives of her strength, speed and heat vision, hefting fully-completed sections of bridge from the shore and then welding them into place almost single-handedly. The Damage Control crews concentrate on building these sections, and on checking level and alignment before the spot welds are made more permanent. They are making a good team.

Over the Manhattan skyline, another female figure comes flying towards the site. Wonder Woman has had her hands full these past few days, but Diana thinks it's past high time that she come to help out with the Bridge repair. There's a lot of onlookers gasping and taking pictures as the Amazon Ambassador comes in for a landing near the job site hut, and Dian doesn't really engage in the crowd; she's here to help, not have a photo op. She approaches the foreman, at least, the guy with all the architectural plans, and greets him with a nod of her head. "Hello. Please pardon the intrusion, but I was wondering if there was aything I could do to help out here."

The foreman blinks a moment in surprise; even with the number of heroes who have shown up to help here since this project began, it's still a new and novel experience for him, especially with new faces. "I uh — uhm. Yes. Wonder Woman. Uhm." He's looking at her, not objectifying her, but trying to wrack his brains to see what he knows about her abilities. "I suspect you could help out much as Power Woman is? Lifting these completed sections into place and holding them there? My crew can secure them. I'm guessing you don't have heat vision, or whatever it is she does to weld them. Just keep them steady, and watch my crews. They'll show you what they need you to do to get them adjusted. Just keep the pieces steady, and they'll get them secure. Sound like a plan?" Obviously, he knows she knows her abilities best, so he waits for her verdict before assuming he's on the right path.

"The finished, inspected sections will be tagged. Blue for underwater. Green for ground-side support. Gold for main arch. Red for suspension system." He offers, as he leads Wonder Woman down to one of those completed sections. "This one is a dock piece. Blue. Backside of the tag is an overview sketch of the bridge, a mark where it needs to go." He flips over the tag, showing Wonder Woman. "Make sense, Ma'am?"

Diana takes a few moments to familiarize herself with the layout on the tags. She then turns and smiles to the foreman. "Perfectly clear, yes. And you are correct i that I do not have heat vision like Power Woman, but I can at least hold the structures into place to help provide a more secure weld." And with another nod, Diana lifts up the next huge metal structure to go into place and flies it up towards where Power Woman is working. "Excuse me," she says as she approaches the other heroine. "I thought that I might lend a hand here. Just let me know when you're ready for this next piece."

"That's all it takes, Ma'am. You two can get these into place a lot faster and easier than my people with our vehicles. Just keep it up. If you need a break, signal to the crews. They'll follow your lead. And thanks a lot for volunteering today." The Foreman offers his hand in thanks to Wonder Woman, and then heads back to his own job, directing the rest of the teams so that everything keeps flowing and work keeps happening. Right now, he's diverting a lot of resources from the securing teams to construction of new sections, so that they can keep up with now having two powerhouses helping out, instead of only one.

When Diana approaches with her latest piece, Kara beams a bright smile at the Amazon Princess. "Princess Diana! It's great to see you! The spot welds on this section are done. Just move yours into place, and watch the crew's signals. They'll show you exactly what they need you to do." It's advice the other woman surely doesn't need, but it's something friendly to say, enphasizing the teamwork and comraderie that has built up here on the site.

Once Diana moves hers into rough position, the crew above her start giving out hand signals, guiding her to nudge it this way and that until the level and the laser scan line up. Then she gets that near-universal 'thumbs up' signal, and then they move into place, starting their welds.

Finished her own piece, Power Woman floats out of the way, watching her crew to make sure everyone stays safe, and then checking on the crew working Diana's to make sure they don't need a hand. Then she flies down to grab her next piece, and starts lining it up nearby. "It's really great of you to come by and help out." she offers to the Amazon. This may not be Hippolyta, the heroine from World War II, but the awe in Kara's heart doesn't know that.

"Yes, Pr — Sorry. Yes, Diana." Kara offers with a bright smile. She'll learn, she's quite adaptable. With the two of them working at this, the bridge sections are being laid at incredible speed, as if the bridge is virtually appearing whole before onlookers' eyes. "Jor-El was a cousin; our families are related. He was of the House of El. I am from the House of L." It's a difficult thing to grasp in spoken words, but there is enough emphasis in Kara's voice that an astute linguist would know she is speaking of two differentiated things that merely sound very similar. "He and my father were very close collaborators. I even have copies of his journals from his time here." Clearly, those mean a great deal to the young heroine. And she is young, despite her obvious maturity, strength and - yes - wisdom. Most never realize quite how young, but it isn't hard to figure out for someone who pays attention to the little things. "He spoke very highly of your Mother, Diana, and of his time here on Earth. That is why they decided they should send their children here, if they could, when the end came."

Diana's normally serene face is washed with sorrow as Power Woman speaks of the end of Krypton. "I am truley sorry for your loss. The end of an entire people is an unspeakable thing. But, I am sure your parents are proud of the woman you have become; using your abilities to protect life." Diana quickly zips down and brings up another piece of the bridge. "I have also heard of you and your deeds from some mutual associates, although I am starting to consider them friends. Marvel Girl and Moon Maiden?"

Kara's face clearly shows the loss she feels for the destruction of Krypton, but the loss for her is the loss of a people and a history. Though she loves the idea of who her parents were, they did not raise her. The Starrs did, and she loves them like family, as they love her. "I think both sets of my parents are proud of the work I do, and I hope they always will be." Power Woman answers honestly. "I was lucky enough to find a loving family here on Earth that have accepted me as their own. It is a bond I will always treasure and honor."

Kara smiles brightly once more at the mention of Laurel and Jean. "Yes. Both are associates of great potential. Moon Maiden is my best friend. Together, we're working to make this world a better place, for everyone. And trying to put together a network of others who feel the same." She is well aware that Diana knows of the Network and has spoken in favor of it. "We're not too proud to admit we are both deeply inspired by our predecessors, amongst the Invaders, the Justice Societ, the All-Stars and others. And we believe threats that will be too big for any one hero to handle will continue to show up." After all, Kara is trying to truly save this whole world; she doesn't want to see Earth die like Krypton did, and that requires a lot of change from the policies and actions of today.

"Laurel and I were lucky enough to meet Captain America the other day. We can't know for sure, of course. But he certainly seemed like the genuine article, despite the time differential. It was a great honor. And it is an amazing honor to meet you, too." Kara offers, genuinely.

"Well," Diana says amusedly. "I haven't done anything yet. My mother is the one with the real history as Wonder Woman. My legacy has yet to be written. But, I will be happy to have good companions at my side to write that legacy." As another piece is welded into place, Diana smiles at Power Woman. "I must admit, I've nver met another whose strength is equal to mine. Well, except for the Juggernaut, I suppose. Regardless, I'd say you would fit in well in Themyscira, if you ever wished to go there." She flies back down and grabs the next peice, moving it into place.

Kara finishes spot-welding her section in place, then holds it secure while the team scrambles into place above her, finishing the work. She waits until Diana returns to coment, "It would be really amazing to visit Themyscira. From what I've heard, it sounds like a living peace of ancient Earth history, come to vibrant life. I'd love to see and experience that." She grins. "It would be awesome to see a place of such sisterhood and togetherness, too. It's an example I hope will spread, even more this time than last." Kara really does want to see those ideals catch on. Certainly no more than Diana herself, but it bears saying.

"I am glad to hear that you approve," Diana says smiling. She holds the current bridge section in place while the Damage Control crews weld it. "Sometimes, I fear that the Amazon ideals will not be accepted ever. Each day since the Embassy was opened, I read some article or watch some newscaster saying how I am a corruptor, a cult leader…some even call me a minion of the Christian Devil. But when I hear such approval and suppor from the one group my mission is supposed to inspire and protect, the women of this world, I know that Themyscira is not only appreciated, but needed. Whenever you wish to travel there, speak with me and I can arrange a visit. Marvel Girl and Moon Maiden have also epressed interests in seeing Themyscira, so perhaps a larger visit can be arranged."

With a bit of a snort and chuckle, Power Woman acknowledges Diana's point all too — well — pointedly. "Believe me, I know what you mean. Sometimes it feels as if all that we do becomes little more than the fire brigade, putting out the fires but doing nothing to shore up the supports and infrastructure, to really generate change." Kara shrugs those broad shoulders of hers. "That's why we cannot act alone. It has to build to a groundswell of supporters. The seeds, the ideas can come from us. But we need the support and active engagement of others to build on. And build on. And build on. That's the only way we'll make those changes for the better into a reality." Kara doesn't go so far as to reveal what she's doing with her secret identity, but some of her big general principles are right there in the open, as she speaks on this topic. "Many would argue that I can't possibly believe in God. But I do. I was raised here, on Earth, amongst a human family. And I do believe. And I believe anyone who can look at you, your heart, your work, and call you anything but a blessing made manifest is blind with hatred and intolerance. And I'll tell them that to their faces. If the lessons you offer are corruption, then sign me up."

"Thank you. And I understand it's the fear of change that causes these words from those people." Another section done, another section brought up by Diana. "Old structures are failing, people are becoming more vocal about their freedoms and the traps they see themselves in. I admire the United States a great deal, yet I still see the problems here. I am also not blind to the problems of my own country either. But only by everyone working together, in complete peace, equality, and freedom, can humanity truly advance towards it's destiny. And that's something that I see this Network as offering this world: hope. Showing the way by working in unison. Cultural, economic, social, even species barries can be overcome , and we can show the world what great things can be done when those obstacles are demolished."

"It's like my human father always said: Lead from the front. That way they can't miss you, and can't help but know what you stand for and where you're headed." Power Woman offers, smiling. "We will lead from the front, by example. Then we just have to find ways to help them break down their own inertia, and follow that lead." The Kryptonian woman switches out for a new bridge section, once more hovering in place, taking direction from the team of workers above as they prepare to secure it in place. "I'm really glad to be working with you, Diana."

"Same here, Power Woman." Diana smiles and slightly readjusts the bridgesection before leaving it in place. "Or, is there another name I can use? I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of informalness between all of us sooner or later." With both sets of sections in place and ready for new sections to be added, Diana pauses and holds out her hand in freindship to Power Woman, trying to make the first meeting a bit more solidified.

"My friends," Power Woman offers with a smile, while extending her own hand to clasp Diana's, "call me Kara. Kara Zor-L." Just as Karen was about ready to debate whether or not to cover her secret identity, she picks up something, turning her head and looking away. "Sorry. I have to go. Please, stay and help with the bridge as long as you can. I'll see you again soon." She glances up at her crew, letting loose a shrill whistle - quite a set of lungs on that woman. "Guys, secure this as quick as you can, and strap back in. I have to go. I'll be back when I can." She waits, fidgeting a bit, while her crew finishes things. Then she salutes them, and offers a nod to Diana, before streaking off. Out to sea, the thunderous rumble of a sonic boom washes back towards shore.

Diana sakes the hand and nods. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Kara." As Kara explains that she has to leave, Diana nods in confirmation. "Go and attend to your alert. I'll stay here and continue the work for as long as I can. Peace go with you…" As Power Woman flies off, Diana watches with a smile, happy to have made a new friend. And then she returns to the task of fitting bridge sections into place for the construction crews.

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