(2014-04-29) Tribot Attack
Tribot Attack
Summary: A Three legged gigantic robot attacks. It's no match for three teenage girls
Date: April 20, 2014
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Lana and Linda and Megan. Three young women walking down the streets of Salem Center. The time? The weekend - a chance for young women to be footloose and fancy free. The mission? Gourmet cupcakes. The reason? Well, Linda and Lana are celebrating their recent victory over the evil bully of Xavier's (aka Chavez) and somehow Megan got dragged along because her peppiness might very well be some sort of glue.

And none of that really matters because the ice cream shop just got stepped on.

By giant, three legged mechanical monster. Which then proceeds to use some sort of blaster to demolish one of the few remaining five and dimes in the country.

Gourmet cupcakes? I mean, Megan was okay with that and all, but if they wanted to save money, they could stop by the grocery on the way and make something /fun/, like cupcakes of their very own, and she'd be happy to show them how to do it and oh by the way, Linda and Lana, you were such beautiful and happy people, and it would be amazing if they could sign up for the pep team, and… and… and…

It probably was a little irritating to have spent the afternoon with Megan.

Dark blue skirt, knee-high socks and black flats - a white blouse and sparkling brooch on top, her red hair 'tied back' with a dark headband, Megan was trying to be a little ray of sunshine. "So you guys defeated someone? I mean, um…" There was another pause, as the monster was seen stepping on the ice cream store. "What is /that/?"

It was a most epic prank, adhering all his belongings to the ceiling, but now Lana is just waiting for the other shoe to drop. There is no way they are going to get off scott free, she is sure a week of detentions await. But until then why not enjoy the weekend and cupcakes on top of it. She meanders behind the other two girls, pretending that she is being dragged along against her will. "Seriously, cupcakes?" she protests even though she is the queen of junkfood…right after being queen of detentions. When the giant mechano foot is stomped down an F-bomb and other choice swear words are unleashed "Holy shit!" she looks up, up and more up at the tentacled robot montrosity. "That was my favorite f*cking place to hang out." probably because the owner's son is a hottie, but that's beside the point.

He was, in fact, a hottie. Hopefully he still is because, well, giant robot. "Whatever it is, it is about to get its ass kicked." Linda says. She takes a step forward and, as she does, her form ripples. Brown hair turns blonde. Inches are gained (as well as a cup size of three) and jean jacket, slacks and a tank top become the white and red with the shield on front.

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Supergirl getting hit by the tripod's ray beam and slammed down into the pavement.


The hottie status of the ice cream store person was apparently not in question, so Megan wasn't the sort to argue about that. Even if she was flinching with just about every f-bomb that Lana was saying. Even if there was a moment - a single moment, where Megan just kinda stares wide-eyed at Linda with her 'shapeshifting'.

"You can change shapes as well?!" she says, her voice full of surprise.

She might just give Lana a bit of a long look as well, when…

Megan's own form ripples, white skin turning green, modest outfit becoming a blue miniskirt, tall blue boots, and getting a cute little cape and white shirt on top. Oh, and the gloves. Can't forget those. Taking off into the air, Megan reaches out telepathically - trying to sense a presence in the machine. "Um… be careful of the rays!"

Oh, no. No one steps on Lana's favorite hangout and future possible boyfriend, and gets away with it. Especially ginormous many legged robots from space…if it is from space, she really doesn't care where its from. "Hey you f*cking rust bucket!" she yells at it then <Boom!> there is a flare of light and concussive blast from Bombshell's hands which are aimed at the tentacled foot that is looking to step on what may be the post office. There is no changing of appearance or even clothes for her, she just goes straight to the blowing up of things. It seems no F's were given to Megan's sensitive sensibilities or the look that was leveled her way.

There isn't a mind inside the machine but there's something strange about it. Something that triggers Megan's telepathy - tickles at the very edge of her telepathic senses.

The tripod staggers backwards with the force of Bombshell's concussive blast! It isn't knocked down, however. Despite how utterly frail those legs look they are actually very sturdy. Sturdy enough that the leg's about to come crashing down on Bombshell's head in retaliation for Lana's strike. Luckily, Supergirl zips in at the last second, whisking Lana out of the way.

"You could at least be wearing a mask." Linda mutters.

Megan pauses the longest moment, the queen of cupcakes kinda frowning a bit as her telepathic senses kinda dance with that strange feeling. "Oh!" she says, briefly, keeping her distance for now. At least long enough for her to concentrate still, and…

<"This is a telepathic link. You know. If you guys think it would help. You can trade messages and images at the speed of thought!"> she 'says', Megan's voice echoing on both other women's minds. <"If, you know, you…">

The link kinda fizzles a bit - it doesn't break, but there was certainly feedback along it, as a ray nicks Megan, and she falls from the sky, landing upon one of the roofs with a cry of pain.

Acting before thinking is Lana's usual MO, why should this situation be any different. "Fine! I'll just let the giant robot smash some more buildings while I change!" snarky as ever. And that's just what she does, once she is put down. In the driver's side back door of a nearby car and out the other with her black, pink and white form fitting costume and mask across the top of her face. Once properly outfiited another <Boom!> and she is flying through the air herself to land on top to the post office, and then there is another <Boom!> as she flies upward and forward in an attempt to get on top of what passes for the Robots head.

"Megan!" Supergirl shouts out, both physically and mentally. She leaves the fight to Bombshell, for the moment and goes to grab hold Megan, hauling her up. "You need to be more caref…" That's what a ray beam slams into Supergirl's back. Luckily, she's turned in such a way that she shields most of Megan from the blast.

Meanwhile, the tripod seems to have noticed Bombshell on its roof as a dozen whip thin tentacles wiggles out from the shell of the tripod and tries to grab hold of the teen.

Megan tried - tried - to use that strange little telepathic hold to kinda draw the attention of the tripod towards her and away from Lana as the other young woman changed - but such things might not have been the best of ideas. That might just be why Supergirl got shot, after all. "Linda!" says Megan, her eyes popping open just a little bit.

Lifting up a hand, Megan kinda curls a hand into a fist, and 'yanks' upwards. What she was trying to do was grab ahold of one of those tripod legs telekinetically, and 'tug' upwards, hoping to topple the tripod over to give everyone just a little more time to recover.

The thing about three legged objects? Its hard for them to balance on two. As Megan's telekinetic grasp lifts the leg the tripod begins falling backwards. It struggles in the air before it crashes down straight onto Main street and destroys a BMW. Luckily, Supergirl's fast. She zips off, catches Lana by the arm and flies her backwards. "Okay. If we don't get this thing out of here it is going to destory the town. Here's the plan. I'm going to grab it. Haul it off. Megan, follow me with Bombshell. When I throw it, Bombshell, you hit it. HARD. Blow it up."

She doesn't wait for a reply but instead flies off in a blue and red blur. Supergirl grabs the toppled tripod by the leg and, with a groan of effort, flies the machine up into the sky. Then comes the twirling. Around and around and around she goes faster and faster, spinning the tripod about like a top before she releases and it goes flying into the sky.

It takes Megan another moment or two before she takes off herself, a little bit of wobble still in her flight as she flies through the air, her eyes tracking down towards… "Lana - here I come!" she calls out, kinda swooping low. Megan didn't use it very much, but the thin-framed pep captain was stronger than she looked. And she tries to swoop down and pick up Lana by the hip, hoisting her up to follow after Supergirl. That is, unless Lana fussed overmuch.

Lana's doubts fussing a lot is going to help. She's puny human when compared to the strength of Supergirl and Megan. Plus she has a Robot to blow up, easier to do that when she is up close and a bit more personal. She watches the ground a moment, glad she isn't afraid of heights, her aze then goes to the robot twirling Supergirl and she prepares to blast that mofo out of its circuity mind. The resounding <BOOM!> as Bombshell blows the thing up is probably heard over the surrounding five miles and the shockwave probably felt a good one or two miles, there will need to be lots of windows replaced…on top of buildings that the monster stepped on.

The strangest thing isn't that the tripod blows it. No, that happens just as planned. It blows into pieces. Lots of pieces. The odd thing is the pieces, as they rain down to Earth, melt. Metal transforms into some sort of reddish goop that splatters and splashes upon the streets and rooftops of Salem Center below.

"Huh." Supergirl says, staring down at the mess of the civic center. "… so… I guess no cupcakes."

The shockwave kinda ripples through Megan's mind, and the young Miss Martian kinda purses her lips, looking from Lana, to Supergirl, and back down at the city below. No doubt the young women were being pointed out by people from the ground below, Megan kinda… well, a lock of hair falls in her face, and she uses telekinesis to pull it back over an ear, still hovering with Lana in her hands.

"Um. I guess no cupcakes. Do you think they'll think we did it? It looks like the monster thing is melting?" she asks.

With the creature all blown up Bombshell looks at Megan "You can put me down now, thanks." the thing is no longer a threat, she could care less if it is raining melty robot goo "Where the hell did that thing come from." now that is gone, she cares.

"I can't see any more." Linda says, spinning around slowly. Sweeping the area with telepscopic vision. X-ray vision. Hearing. "Or any sign of a launch point or a trail of wreckage leading to the bakery. Someone over at the post office is saying it appeared out of nowhere." She turns to the sky. "I'm not seeing signs of a ship in orbit." Yes, she's looking for alien ships.

"Oh! Oops! Right, right, okay," says Megan, kinda… hovering lower now. <"I'll be right back up, um - can you really see into orbit like that?"> asks Megan over the link, moving to kinda set Lana on the ground proper, landing next to her. In another few moments, Megan shifts - the green skin turning back to Caucasian, and clothes shifting back to more 'normal' ones - her outfit from before.

Back on her feet again, Bombshell looks around at the people that have gathered to stare and video the altercation with their phones "What? You've never seen girls that change and fly around before. Get the <another f-bomb> out of here. Nothing to see." except the goop falling. She moves over to a pile of it and prods it with the tip of her boot.

A moment later, Linda walks out of the alley. Not Supergirl but Linda. "Come on, girls. We should get going." The next words she forms inside her mind. <"Pretty sure Ms. Frost is going to be pissed and Lana and I are already looking at a buttload of detention. Come on."> She grabs hold of Megan and Lana's hands and pull them away. "We'll stop by the grocery store and make the cupcakes at home. That's what Megan wanted to do anyway. Come on."

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