(2014-04-29) Legends and Lore
Legends and Lore
Summary: Summoned to the Embassy Library. Diana gets dire news of the Dragon that crashed into their embassy
Date: IC Date (2014-04-29)
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The Private Library of The Themysciran Embassy is a lopsided Mix. In the majority of the Library you haves Scrolls, Parchments, and books of all sorts. In one small corner you have A set of Computers. One set up with internet access, and a Small note warning to be careful when you search the web. The other is much larger isolated database recorder which allows the embassy to scann scrolls books and parchments for digital recording. Even after 2000 years or more, even the most well cared for Scroll can have damage.

Currently The Historian Sarena has been searching through a half dozen Scrolls and parchments, but also done a more important Search on the Web in Local New York City news. She has asked to speak to Princess Diana Of some important Matter. The Computer Screens also are displaying the Security footage of the Fight, In particular replaying the footage of the Dragon creature over repeatedly. Staring at it with some concern as she says, "Hera preserve us."

Diana strides in to the Library; or 'glides' would be more appropriate. She's wearing a full-length off-the-shoulder gown, the type worn by the Royal Family on Themyscira. Quietly, she moves to the historian, hearing the frightened tone of her exclamation. "What seems to be the matter, Sarena?"

As Diana comes into the Library Sarena was focused on the monitor as it freezes with the touch of a button. "I fear the Patriarch's world is in Danger. How well do you recall your history, To be exact, The Story of The Armor of Ares?" She asks coming over to a table. Even as well schooled as Diana was, one could spend centuries in the Library reading and not learn everything.

Diana comes around to look at the presentation on the screen. "Not very much…just that it was an artifact used by Ares in several confrontations?" The Princess looks over the scrolls and pictures on the computer screen. When she notices the image of the armored warrior from yesterday, her eyebrow quirks. "Are you saying that the Armor of Ares was what those other three men were after?

With a Dark Nod, "That is what I fear yes. But according to the Scrolls used by mortals, The last recorded document for an Armor called the Armor of Ares was a Tyrant," Coming over to the scroll she opens it up and reads, "Facing off with his army, The Spartan, Torenis, had beside him a golden Gryphon, Faced with his forces of two hundred, they stood against a force of over a thousand. Torenis Declared he alone would show the might Ares Bestowed upon him. And the Gryphon Merged with Torenis, becoming a suit of golden armor in the form of a Gryphon."

Swallowing hard, "To the Skies he took on golden wings and flew into the middle of the army. Neither sword, spear, nor arrow could harm the armor. And when Cast ablaze of fire with Fire from the Greeks, Spreading his wings he cast the fire from his form as if he cast off a Cloak." Serena At that point shows the Video of the dragon Spreading his wings covered in the Napalm as it is cast to the ground as a cloak of fire.

"Raising his taloned hand Came the wrath of Ares, A Blue fire that melted the armor of the soldiers. With claw and Talon The mighty Spartan Tore apart the army, and a thousand and one soldiers died that day." She shows another clip of the Dragon opening his mouth as a stream of Blue light erupts from his mouth striking and leaving a scorched and melted part on the silver armor as well as slashing with razor sharp talons…

"I fear that Mankind has inadvertently rediscovered the Armor of Ares. While… I am not positive, but Ares himself may not be involved…. at least not yet." She says.

Diana nods as she reads what is laid out in front of her. "Very good. Have these scrolls and pages of research sent to my quarters. I don't believe Ares is involved yet; the pilot of the armor was trying to escape, rather than fight and that's not the way of Ares. Still, the Master may be in more danger than he knows." She looks back at Selena and nods in approval. "Good work. Hopefully with this research, the Master can be found before worse things begin to happen."

With a Nod Serena says, "Yes your Highness, Also The story says Torenis was Poisoned by an Amazon posing as a harem slave. The Gryphon tried to avenge his master, but after a while it melted into the form of a great boulder of Gold. Which struck a memory. Through out Africa, There are stories of finding a great boulder of gold which become animals joined with warriors to become great fighters. What ever this thing is… It has had a very long history. But I will have the Scrolls and books sent to your Quarters. Also Looking at the movements. Who ever it is, is young man and inexperienced as a warrior, and he was injured, he had broken or cracked ribs from how he was moving before he fled." She says allowing Diana to depart gathering the proper information up.

Diana nods. "I would not put it past this armor to have some form of healing enchantment. But it could still be useful information." Diana nods again to Selena and starts to leave the Library. Halfway before reaching the door, the Princess stops."Sarena…" Diana takes a deep breath before uttering her next command. "Discover the recipe for that poison. I don't want to use it, but if the choice is between Ares covering the world in blood and the life of one man…there is no choice in that case. I'd rather be prepared for the worst and never need that solution than be wanting if the worst does come to pass."

With some surprise Serena nods, "Yes princess. It should be here." It's clear the idea of using poison against effectively a boy, Man Child or not, doesn't sit well with her. And she goes about her work as directed.

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