(2014-04-28) Embassy Gate Crashers
Embassy Gate Crashers
Summary: Holding visitors at the Embassy of Themyscira, A Dragon is forced to crash through the Embassy wall as three attackers in Powered armor attack the Dragon and Embassy.
Date: IC Date (2014-04-28)
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NPCs: NPC Armored Suits.
Scene Runner: Cyberdragon
Social/Plot: Plot

It's a Fairly Peaceful day around New York City. Well for New York City. Windy, but that wind keeps it from being too hot, clear blue skys, clean air surprisingly. The Birds are singing. Traffic is as always clogged. Outside the Themysciran Embassy, you have sight seers, and picture takers. Even people, both, woman and Man asking questions. Of course some may be more opinionated than others.

For the most part, it is a generally peaceful day. Despite the fact that a few days maybe a week ago, a giant monster attacked near the Brooklyn bridge area.

Given the pleasantness of the day, Diana has decided to wander outside while taking a break from her duties at the Embassy. She's wearing a casual shirt and jeans combination, rather than her battle garb, but people still recognize her and call out to the Princess. She defeated the Juggernaut in a re-match last night, even if he escaped while in transit, and Diana is fairly happy with how her new life here in Man's World is going.

Jean is currently looking around the Embassy grounds, though she is currently in rather mundane clothing as well. She does notice Diana, but doesn't really approach the Princess, looking almost shy as she instead busies herself with glancing around the various Greek-like artifacts and sculptures of the courtyard.

Just down the street from the Themysciran Embassy is New York's chapter of the Hellfire Club (at least in the same neighborhood). The magnificent structure has many exits. Emerging from one is a souless ginger. He wears business attire, very expensive and tailor made to fit perfectly upon his muscular form. His eyes peer about the street and sidewalk as he begins walking in no particular direction, albeit he appears as if he knows where he's going (all of the time) as he emits an aire of confidence. Bla bla bla, here's Daimon Hellstrom, Son of Satan! muhahahaha and evil sounding stuff.

Peaceful Days are mean to be enjoyed, savored. The reason? They are so easily shattered.

Just like today.

While out testing his flight abilities, as well as underwater abilities. John Coltan, and Cyber were attacked. At roughly 3000 feet above New York City, Cyberdragon was flying around hoping to avoid being seen by most non metahumans and attacked. Sadly he was attacked, a Jet Rocketed By and out of it came armored suits. Similar, although much more angular and much more bulky than Iron Man's Armor, and attacked Him. As a result of one of one of the suits grappling Cyberdragon and unable to break it's hold the pair began to tumble through the air. Cyber trying to use his wings to try and keep them out of New York, The grappler and the two others use their abilities to Direct Cyberdragon where of all places, Into New York City.

As a Result Cyber and the Armored Suit tumbles through the Air, at speeds in excess of 500 Miles an hour, when the Armored Suit releases Cyberdragon, he's barely two hundred feet in the air.

For Those on the Ground three streaks of White smoke are streaking through the air almost like missiles, as the sounds of Small explosion are heard. As the group enters the building canyons, a Red and black object is blown off one of the silver trio and is sent Rocketing through the air, speeding and tumbling through the air Right at the Themysciran Embassy.

The Red and Black object smashes into the Embassy with such speed and force it shatters a marble column, Upon hitting the wall is blown right through the wall into the Embassy. At that point three Armored suits, silver in color land with powerful hard thuds on their feet on the Embassy grounds as they start to approach. "Commencing Target Retrieval." And the Three Suits advanced as a Flash of blue white light from the inside of the Embassy erupts in a stream of blue plasma which impacts the leader of the trio exploding in a shower of sparks as a Red and Black Bio-mechanical Dragon Emerges from the Hole in the Embassy Roaring out to various people, "Get the Hell out of the way!" At that point one of the others fires a Net which unfurls wrapping the Dragon up and with Spikes and blades forming over it simply shreds it's way out of the net as he tries to get away from the building he is in to avoid casualties.

Diana notices Jean examining the art and walks over to the red-head. "You have good taste," she says from behind Jean. "Meniope is one of the greatest artists on Themys…" Her statement is broken off in mid-sentence as the armored figures come cashing through the roof. Springing into action, Diana uses her speed and skill to deflect the flying debris with her bracelets, keeping the civilians behind her safe. "This is the territory of Themyscira!" she roars at the armored warriors. "All of you stand down or face the wrath of an Amazon!"

To himself, "Well, hello." states Daimon as his attention is drawn to the embassy. Though he has no intention of leaping into action, he is curious enough to move at a hurried pace to acquire a good vantage point of the super battle that transpires. He doesn't know the players, but it's always good to learn as much as one can - especially when it may come to he himself fighting them.

Jean ducks behind Diana, as she's not in her costume… but, the nice thing about a being a telepath is that you don't have to look like you're doing much of anything. While the Princess draws their attention, Jean does a quick scan of the attackers, seeing what they're here for, even as she keeps a telekinetic field around herself.
The Minds of the attackers are focused on one thing. The Dragon like creature, to capture or kill, then retrieve the object. The original goal was to get him to crash into time Square, and use Collateral damage to distract him and any other heroes for capture.

Cyberdragon flares his wings attempting to get the hell out of here. AS he takes off, a grappling claw is fired impacting the dragon yanking him back down to the floor to keep him from escaping as he clamors to slice through the cable with his tail. That was from the leader. The other two?

Compartments open up on their backs and instantly start firing off small rockets. Spinning and spirally they fly in erratic directions, to explode with modest force at Random locations. They even start to open fire at just about anything. The Armor has no markings of course, just solid silver in color.

As the Leader advances on the Cyberdragon, the Dragon lashes out with his claws slicing firmly into the armor, but not too deeply. One Mecha Advances on the one who challenged them, the other starts to head the other way. A diversion.

"Security!" the Princess shouts as she continues to block weapons fire with her bracelets. "Evacuate the civilians!" As the Embassy Security staff follows the orders, Diana flies at one of the suits of armor, delivering a literal flying kick to its chest.

Now in clear view of the players and events, Daimon stands across the street watching. His eyes are filled with statuesque visions of beauty and strength. He's seen Wonder Woman on television, but the flat screen does not do her justice. He quietly states, "Hello princess." - not a greeting, just words for his own benefit. And then there's the other redhead. She's like the clinique counter, free gift with purchase. It's a two-fer sale on elegance and grace. He mutters again to himself, "And who might you be?" querying as to the redhead's name. Though these words go unheard. And that is intentional. He's not about to start up a conversation with none other than himself - especially in the middle of this wonderful action packed afternoon.

Jean slips on a green domino mask, as her normal suit is a little too bulky to wear under regular clothing. With that in place, she steps out and lets loose a telekinetic bolt to try and knock down one of the armored suits, striking with an amazing level of physical force.

As Wonder Woman Delivers a flying kick the Armor is not able to resist the force of her enhanced strength and is Knocked Back into a Wall. At which point it will try to grab hold of her Leg with both hands.

What is one of the Properties of silver? It doesn't Tarnish? No. It is worth money? No. It conducts Electricity better than copper? Yes. Which is why the armor suit attempts to grab hold of The Princess' Leg The suit is about to give her the shock of her life, roughly 100,000 volts to be exact.

The Armor that Jean attacks stumbles forward as some of the Amazon Security guards take note and one of them Throws a Spear she was holding allowing it to spin horizontally and it makes the suit fall straight forward ending it's attack as Security comes to deal with it. But it is doing it's best to get up.

Right now Cyberdragon is Slashing black and forth at the armor he's fighting digging deep furrows into the armor now. The Armor generates an Electrical field over it as the Dragon Roars out, pulling back as a hook is fired at the creature to electrocute it and for a few moments it seems to work, until the Dragon stops reacting, grabs hold of the cable. Yanks the armor to him and punches it as hard as he can with over several tonns of force leaves the helmet nice and dented. At that point the right arm comes up and unleashes a Flamethrower forcing the dragon backwards as it sprays jellied napalm over the dragon. "I'll take you back even if it's your charred remains!"

The security guards continue to evacuate the civilians, acting as a fighting retreat. As the armored foe grabs her foot and applies the shock, Diana performs a flip kick to the helmet, still catching some of the electricity. The Princess gives out a cry of pain as she moves backwards, slightly stunned by the shock.

Daimon winces when he sees the fury and attacks delivered by the lovelies. He continues to observe the action. At least until the princess is stunned. "Well, damn." is noted once again to himself as he realizes that it's time to take action. His right hand is suddenly filled with his golden netheranium trident. As he leaps up onto the hood of a parked sedan, his clothing is burned off leaving nothing more than his slacks and boots. Revealing the inverted flaming pentagram upon his muscular chest.

Jean blinks as Diana gets shocked, and with the suit she telekinetically attacked down thanks to the Security teams, she changes tactics. Her eyes almost seem to glow pink as she echoes the overriding thought into that armor's pilot, » SLEEP! « Looking to override his brain and just knock him unconscious.

The Armor that Diana kicked is also down but not out because when the helmet is kicked, it's cracked and shattered inside sending sparks and electrical arches over the head unit. This of course causes the armor to let go of Diana, Trying to recover and reboot his systems. Sadly his OS is not JARVIS. Nor is he Iron Man. He moves around with jerky movements, attempting to sort out the damage. But it leaves the Stunned Princess Safe.

The Civilians of course are not stupid, it doesn't take them long to get out of Dodge.

The Person that is trying to get up from the prone position, is suddenly having their mind invaded. And after a brief attempt to resist he can't over come Jean's mind, and goes down. The last words he thinks echoing in his mind. "HAIL HYDRA"

As for Cyberdragon, Burning, engulfed, the Dragon moves around like some beast from hell or Hades unleashed as the hand lashes out to grab hold of the flame thrower and crush it causing it to explode on the arm. Forcing the figure to recoil as the Fire Dragon now flares his wings and seems to shed his cloak of fire. Hopefully if the embassy is up to New York Fire codes, the marble floor, and walls sound be fire proof, as should the sprinkler or fire suppression systems come out. Spraying water every where to extinguish the flame.

The Embassy sprinklers do activate and start extinguishing the blazes. One targets down, One target active, one target Dazed which leaves one left as Diana recovers her senses. In the blink of an eye, Diana flies behind the Active suit of armor, grabs it around the waist, then bands backwards to perform a suplex and slam the man's helmet against the marble floor.

Leveling his trident, Daimon (now Hellstorm) releases his soulfire energies toward the attacker which assaulted the princess. What else is a good knight of Hell to do, if not defend a damsel in distress - not that he would ever call her that. He calls out as he launches the attack, "Get back to where ever you came from, creature!"

Watching, Cyberdragon is holding his Side, he has at least five cracked ribs. And as Wonder Woman does a Suplex to the armor shattering the helmet causing it to short out, Cyberdragon. As much as he wants to remain, John the host can't take anymore pain as he passes out in the Armor. The eyes of the Dragon turn blood red as Cyber's programming to protect John comes to the foreground as those Wings spread and with Agile jumping He jumps through the hole in the Ceiling, to escape. Cyber has some recollection of the Amazons from the distant past…. Once outside Cyber's wings flare and he takes off for the sky to find a safe spot where John can recover and heal.

The Man in the Damaged armor had recovered and was moving on the Princess when the attack comes, who ever is inside screams out bloody murder holding his head, dropping to his knees and collapsing. Sadly those who did this do not want their identity known. The two damages suits… The one that Hellstorm knocked out, and the one Wonder Woman Suplexed start to release a Silverish grey liquid. A few sparks is all it takes before that liquid ignites… Thermite. Releasing incredible amounts of heat and smoke The one that Jean Knocked out has not begun self destructing.

Diana recoils in horror as the suits start to dissolve, hearing the screams of the men inside. "Great Hera…" she whispers. Then, she sees the third armor still intact. With the speed 9 Hermes, she flies over to the suit and starts to rip the armor apart, if only to save this pilot from that horrific fate.

Jean, meanwhile, slips the domino mask back off, looking quite stunned by the fact, "What sort of people would…" She trails off, then shakes her head, "Whatever this HYDRA is, they are not nice people."

Moving from the parked vehicle, Hellstorm leaps to another in the street, and then another to finally land on the property and continue jogging into the immediate scene. He moves to stand among the heroines and watch the white hot burning of the super suits. He follows up Jean's remark, "No my dear, HYDRA are not nice people." is said with a tone of experience.

As Diana is able to work fast enough the Heat, is terrible, perhaps enough to burn the princess. But She is able to Rip the two pilots out of their armor. Damaged as it was, the full self destruct system was damaged, so thankfully she is not rewarded with the final fail safe. The explosive head charges fail to go off. Although the two men are not in much of a condition to actually answer any questions. For the moment at least. The Third one, still laying prone on the ground asleep.

The Dragon creature is Gone by now. As The Sprinklers fail to put out the Fire. Even Fire Extinguishers fail to put out the fire as most of the suits of armor are reduced to slag as smoke and fire continue to erupt thanks to the self oxidizing ability of Thermite.

Jean just shakes her head, looking (or doing a passable imitation) quite surprised and stunned, "Oh… kay, first a giant lizard, now suicidal armor pilots. I never thought I'd be saying I'm glad I live in Gotham, but…"

Diana winces at the burns as she retrieves the final pilot from the melting armor. She will heal and the important thing is that the pilot is still alive. Hearing the conversation from the others, the Princess turns to them. "I also have heard of this HYDRA. My mother fight them during the Second World War." The look of concern on her face is replaced with a tight smile of appreciation. "I thank you both for your aid here. Lives were saved thanks to your intervention. I invite you both to stay here a while and refresh yourselves by partaking in our hospitality. We can also discuss these attackers and perhaps learn more of their objective."

There is a hint of formality in his voice as Hellstorm states, "I recall, Princess. As I fought alongside /her/ against the horrors that the Axis brought upon our world. I appreciate the offer, though perhaps another time. I've business to address and I would rather not impose any more than I already have."

One of the Amazons that had helped comes out with healers so that Diana and anyone else who needs such may be healed. Sarena, More a historian than a warrior, seems unsettled. She looks up at the hole in the roof, as guards from the upper floors confirm the Dragon creature has fled. She had watched the entire fight as she Approaches Princess Diana. "Are you seriously Hurt your Highness?" She asks.

Jean looks a bit sheepish, "And here I was hoping to avoid some questions… but I wouldn't mind staying a while. Admittedly I was rather curious about Themyscira in the first place." She defers to the new arrival, eyes flickering back and forth.

Diana waves off the attendant. "I will be fine. Go see to the others first." Turning to Hellstrom, Diana nods."In any case, thank you for your assistance. Any ally of my Mother's is welcome within this hall. Would you wish me to convey a message to her?" Jean also gets attention and a warm smile from Diana. "Very well. Let us go into the Embassy so you can take your refreshment first. And I am always happy to answer questions of my home and my people."

Serena bows to her princess, "As you Wish, I do have need to speak with you privately, at your earliest convenience Your Highness." At that point Serena Departs and allows formalities to continue, while she heads off to the Library to confirm or allay her fears.

Descending to street level, a golden chariot drawn by three demon horses arrives and 'parks' just outside the venue. Hellstorm is already moving toward them in a 'departing' sense. He responds to Diana's question with the hint of a smile, "Let her know that memories of our time beneath the apple tree are fondly recalled."
And upon the chariot he climbs. The demon steeds snarl and the chariot is off into the afternoon sky.

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