(2014-04-23) Planning Over Lunch
Planning Over Lunch
Summary: It's lunch time at Xavier's and Linda and Lana plan to prank a fellow student.
Date: April 23, 2014
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Location: Dining Hall - Xavier's School

If any part of the school day is looked forward to it would be lunch time. And lunch time it is. The dining hall is busy, students lining up to get foodage, others wandering around looking for their friends or a place to sit out of the way. It's a nice day out, so some of the lunch crowd is spilling outdoors and onto the patio, which leaves more free spots then is typical. Of course a few staff are about, to make sure the students don't cause to much trouble.

Just coming off the food line is Lana, tray in hand as she scans the room quickly and begins to head over to one of the emptier tables near the patio entrance.

Linda's taken to "customizing" her uniform by hiking the skirt up about an inch and then leaving her tie loose, with the knot about four inches below her chin. She's not outside today but, rather, sitting by herself and munching on her lunch. As she eats she focuses her attention on her StarkPad, reading what seems to be an article on graffiti art in New York City.

Lana's not big on uniforms either, but she takes a different approach, by accessorizing. Fishnet stockings and gloves, snarky buttons, popped color, black wrestling boots a few chains around the waist. The punk school girl look. She spots Linda absorbed in her tech and heads over, "Ugh, can day be over already." her tray rattles as she drops it on the table, a few fries bouncing off the plate on it "It wasn't my fault the damn desk tipped over. Yet I get the detention for it.

"I'll be joining you." Linda says with a frown. "I mouthed off to one of the teachers." She sets her StarkPad down and then spears a few pieces of pinapple with her fork. She eats them and wipes her mouth with her napkin then goes on. "You hear what went on near Brooklyn? My cousin and that Moon chick and a few others fought freaking Godzilla."

Swirling a fry into a heap of ketchup Lana nods at Linda, ""Good, now we just need a basket case, a nerd and a jock and we can renact scenes from Breakfast Club." implying that Linda would be the princess and she's the criminal. She drops an f-bomb in explanation, causing a few nearby students to look at her briefly, "That was some crazy shit. It was still all over the news this morning. Which one was your cousin?"

"Give you a hint." Linda says with a smirk. "Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive…" She shrugs her shoulders. "She's not bad, I guess. I mean, for someone with boobs the size of her head that the world worships with bated breath."

Fries are dipped and eaten as the answer is given. There is an amused snrk from Lana and she quickly has to cover her mouth so she doesn't spit soda everywhere. "Right Power Woman," she vaguely remembers that from previous conversations, "her boobs are pretty much a super power by itself. Probably find the lost city of Atlantis under those things.

Linda waves it away. "Anyway. I worked with Ms. Grey some. You know, the redheaded telepath? I guess she comes back to help teach. It was sort of fun. We did a thing where I had to dash through the woods and pick targets. Some were victims needing rescuing and others were covered in poison. Afterwards she taught me some meditation techniques to shut out some of the noise I get."

"Ms. Not-Quite-Real." Lana nods, she has seen her around but never actually talked to her or anything, "Seriously? That doesn't even sound like sorta fun." she shrugs as she picks anything that looks remotly healthy off her burger, except the pickles, those stay "Did it work? The meditation? We had to do yoga while I was in juvvie. It was a big pain in the ass.

"It was fun. Maybe it has to be a superspeed thing? I dunno. I bet you'd enjoy a target range. Blowing stuff up." Linda grins at that. Then her expression turned serious. "I can't describe what it is like. I can hear everything and sometimes see everything. Right now? There's a girl our age in town skipping school so she can make out with a guy her father's age because he buys her stuff. I know where they are. What they're doing. Learning to tune it out helps."

Lana thinks about that for a moment "Depends on the target I suppose." she would probably love it if her target was Chavez and his bully boys "Ewwww," is her first reaction to the news of what her classmate is up to, "someone has some serious daddy issues." she can't even imagine what it must be like to hear something so far away "That is major suckage." she suddenly grins and leans over the table, "I bet you could get some major dirt on the staff here, if ya wanted." it’s a whisper.

"Maybe. Ms. Frost scares me some, though. She's like ice and has super brain powers." Linda shivers. "My muscles don't protect me from that." Time for a change of subject. "Speaking of that… how about we do something fun to Chavez and his friends? Prank of the century. Between us I bet we can make him sorry he ever decided to be a jackass."

"She's an ice queen alright." the least said about the headmistress in mixed company the better. Probably should even be thinking it either really. She perks up immediately, pranking Chavez has always been at the top of her to-do list, her tray is pushed aside, "I'm listening.

First, Linda sweeps the area to ensure that Chavez isn't hiding nearby. Then she turns those super peepers on the wall, peering through into the boy's dorm. "…. damn. That boy needs to take off his shirt more." She murmurs before looking into Chavez's room. "Got it. Okay. There's an old teddy bear on his bed."

Lana is leaning with her elbows on the table, watching as the surroundings are examined "Chavez?" she looks disgusted at the thought of him shirtless, and since he is the topic of conversation she assumes Linda means him "No thanks, I'd rather go blind." she nods "Right, we going to steal and do what with it?

"No. Barks." Linda murmurs. Nice kid. A little shy. His powers allow him to expand the size of his hands. "Okay. So, Chavez has a teddy bear on his bed. What can we do with that? Itching powder? Old school. Umm… we could steal it and leave a treasure map? Force him to run all over campus.."

"Oh, he's cute, with the hair." Lana gestures to indicate Lark's perpetual bed head look, "I'll have to pay more attention in PE this afternoon," she contemplates the suggestions "Doesn't sound humilating enough. We can put a voice activated recorder in it. See if he snores or talks in his sleep. We can sneak into his room at night and staple his sheets to his bed, so he can't get out of it in the morning.

"Oh my God." Linda says and then laughs. "What about… oh. How are you with tools?" She grins wickedly. "Because if you've got the skills, wiht my powers… we literally turn his room upside down. Everything on the ceiling."

Lana smiles at the idea, and after thinking about it a few seconds cracks up laughing "That's f*cking brilliant. I can get my hands on a nail gun and super glue without a problem." she will have to sneak the first, but that is the least of her worries "This is going to be so awesome.

"You get the tools. We'll wait until you're ready and then we'll get inside." Linda's lips curl into a smile. "And then he'll learn that not only is he a jackass he's a boring jackass. He has no idea how to be clever."

"We'll need him distracted and away from his room for a couple of hours." Lana gets up quickly, standing on her bench to look around the dining hall, "I'll get Beckett on it. Tell him that Chavez was bragging how he could beat him at that new fighting game he bought last week. Beckett is competitive enough to challenge him at it this evening.

"Makes sense. We'll need someone else to help us. Keep watch in case he, I don't know, needs to go to his room for cheat codes." Linda never could get into video games. She prefers more active hobbies like skating and sculpting.

Lana sips at her soda, nodding in agreement "We could probably get a freshman to be look at. There are quite a few that would just because they've been harassed by Chavez." with it being lunch hour for the upper classman there aren't any around at the moment, "I'll round one up during study hall." she glances out toward the patio "Lark still shirtless?" idle curiosity.

Linda takes another peek. "… in the shower." She says before blushing faintly. "I probably shouldn't be looking at him now." She finally looks away. "Well. Um. Anyway. Sounds like we've got ourselves a plan."

There is another snrk "Probably not, but it’s a better view than what we have here." Lana gestures around the cafeteria "A great one. Now we just have to survive the rest of our classes and detention.

"Least we have to do it together." Linda says. "Misery and company and all that crap." She holds up her hand, fist closed. Ready to bump fists with her in school BFF.

There is a chuckle from Lana and she reaches bumping her fist and does the exploding motion, complete with small explosion, with her hand "Chavez will regret the day he messed with us."

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