(2014-04-22) Assassination Foiled
Assassination Foiled
Summary: Someone tries to assassinate a congressman, thanks to a number of heros, he is saved
Date: April 22, 2014
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Gotham City Rail Station

The exhaust of the train brakes give that pressure sound as the long vehicle begins slowing down and coming to a stop within the massive depot. Once it rests, a nicely dressed middle aged man begins to grab his things. He's Harris Dennison and he's one of New Jersey's Congressmen.

The train, from Washington DC, is only moderately filled so getting out in short order isn't a terrible concern. Dennison grabs his suit coat, his briefcase, and shuffles out, looking forward to getting back to his family for a few days while his schedule is cleared down in the Capitol.

The flow of traffic heads up towards the turnstiles and things seem to be in order if not for the tall man in the trench coat and fedora who faces towards the oncoming traffic. As Dennison approaches him, the trench coat loosens and a large arm comes to point towards the Congressman. At the end of the hand is a gun.

How many times will he have to wait in line to get into a crowded wheeled cage, Bogart does not know. The justice system in New York city was not as friendly to him as it is here, in Gotham, his old beat. In Gotham, his minivan would have been released already.

With luck, he may get his very own stained seat this one time around. How many people ahead? Bogart cranes his neck to assess the herd. Before he can see it, he smells gunpowder, gun oil. Reflexes have him draw his own gun and shout, "Get down!" before he remembers has been retired for years. It never fais. He kicks the woman before him at the back of her knee, so she clears his line of sight faster.

Did the woman known as Mirage, know who Harrison is and that he was taking this train? Most likely. Is shadowing him and making sure he doesn't get jumped by thugs below her paygrade. Yes, yes it is. Which is why her presence in the Railway station is just a coincidence. She had been in Gotham visiting a friend from way back, and is waiting around to catch a train back to the New York side of the river. She is off duty so civvies are the order of the day. Off duty or no, her reflexes are trained so as soon as she hears the shout of warning she is in motion. First order, find cover, which she does behind a concrete column, next find your perp. Bogart is spotted first, she quickly dismisses him as the threat, and following her line of sight spots the congressman and his attacker.

Ruth floats casually in the air with a fairly heavy backpack strapped securely to her. Gravity has completely given up on her. The small collection of clipboard and pencils and a thumbprint scanner floats beside her on strings. She'd only ducked in here temporarily to get off the street a moment to get out of the wind and fill out some forms, or so was the plan. The urgency of the command prompts her to simply obey. She jolts down suddenly from her hiding spot to the ground among whatever other members of the crowd heed that warning. She can't quite hug the ground, even the barest contact makes her drift back up like a bounced balloon. Looking up, she sees guns drawn, and guns win all of her nopes. She looks up towards the surface exit, down the subway tunnel. If she has to act, it'll be out of costume this time, without her cameras. She pulls out her cell phone. No reception. Right, underground.

When Bogart yells to get down, the Congressman acts quickly and ducks down to the ground as do a bunch of other passersby.


Just in time, too, as the bullet soars over his head and buries itself in the tiles of the wall off to the back of the mezzanine platform.

To Mirage, she'll see a group of people down on the ground and a man still aiming a gun, this time pulling it downward towards the people below him, readying himself for another shot.

"Drop it, clown," Bogart intimates the clown with a gun. He points his squarish 9mm Glock at the gunman, hoping his target will not notice the shake in his hand, the red in his eyes. Looking down the length of his weapon, he knows he cannot hope for a good shot. Not today, when he his fresh out of medicinal ethanol. "Or I drop you," he adds.

"Shots fired, Gotham City Rail Station." Mirage says into her comm unit. She may be off duty but SHIELD regulations say she has to have her comm unit on her 24/7, she continues a few more moments describing the situtation and who the target is "Get the congressman clear, understood, Mirage out." having reported in and been given orders, she pulls her pistol from its holster at the small of her back. Holding it low, and keeping herself low as well, she moves from the column she is behind to another, closer to where the congressman has dropped. She can only hope that Bogart addressing the Gunman is distraction enough to keep from being noticed.

The gunshot makes Ruth cringe and jump, startled… which in her case means she's now flying into the open air above the crowd. As soon as she realizes it she jolts through the air to the side and comes to rest behind a vending machine, muttering to herself quietly. "Stupid, jumping after you /heard/ it." as she rummages through her backpack. "Scissors, no. Iodine, hope not. Chain, maybe. Mace? Where, where? No. Chain, then." She tugs out a coil of thin metal chain and ties one end of it into a loop, waiting.

KGBeast turns towards Bogart and gives Mirage the time she needs to get to the congressman. "Should've minded your own business," says the assailant with a thick Russian accent. He sets his sight on Bogart and pulls the trigger.

But not before a whir and a metal clang knocks his pistol to the side, drawing the bullet just out of reach of the former police officer. The assassin's right arms is knocked down toward the left of his body and the prone position is taken advantage of by two black boots that hit him straight in the shoulder, knocking him sprawling to the floor.

People begins screaming and running (those who weren't already). The Batman rises from a crouched position and stalks towards KGBeast calmly, like a living shadow-animal. His long black ears stand like skinny spires from the top of his mask; the rest of his body is hidden underneath his leathery black cape.

KGBeast gets up and tries to run, heading straight for the coil that Ruth is setting up.

Bang. The noise triggers a clench at the bottom of his stomach, or so it feels. With his luck, it is not a sphincter but a bullet Bogart is feeling. The blur of black who is Batman finally registers and he points his gun to the ceiling, while his left feels his abdomen for blood or wound. Nothing.

He sneezes, his nose burning. The crowd gets agitated and he loses track of Russian Roulette Man. Clenching his teeth in a sour grin, he fights the pushes of the crowd to keep his spot.

Training has kicked in, stay low, move quickly from cover to cover. Mirage hears the metallic clang, and the gunshot, but doesn't let it distract her more than it takes her to determine its not another threat to the Congressman. When she gets to the Congressman she kneels over him, her SHIELD ID is flashed, and checks to make sure he isn't injured as she introduces herself, "Agent Moonstar. Let's get you out of here." she is watching the KGBeast and now the cowled newcomer with the funny ears, gun at the ready should it be necessary.

In Ruth's hands, the chain is massl ess and effortless to manipulate. Twine would be better, because she'd have more of it. She can only carry so much chain with her. But she didn't find the twine in time. Through clenched teeth, "Note to self, organize backpack better." As the beast passes her she jumps out, moving from stopped to a hundred miles per hour or so, and hurls the loop around his head down at his shoulders, releasing her grip to let the chain's length slide through her fingers.

Out of Ruth's hands, the chain immediately remembers what its mass is supposed to be, without forgetting how fast it was going. It's not that heavy a chain but it's sturdy and makes a fairly solid impact due to the speed and strength. Ruth snags the other end of the chain before she exhausts its length, and it becomes mass less again, dragging her along with it through the air. She works that end into a loop, too, looking for somewhere to anchor it.

"Oh God!" says the Congressman as he clings to Mirage and trying to get to his feet. In shock, he blathers. "He's got a gun. Oh God, is that Batman?" She'll have a clear line to get him out of the immediate vicinity as the would be assassin seems to have his hands full. In better news, SHIELD backup is also on its way.

KGBeast gets tangled in Ruth's coil as he tries to get away from Batman. The latter still stalks him, and as he tries to figure out what's been thrown around his shoulders, he gets a mighty fist to the face that breaks his nose in a loud crunch. Blood begins to pour out of the bottom of the mask with no opening where the mouth and nose would normally be.

Bogart sees SHIELD and Batman are getting things under control. That flying metawoman too? Alright, she can fly. He pushes his way over the turnstills and climbs down. He will be just in time to catch his train for New York and evade all the endless debriefing.

"SHEILD is on the way sir." Mirage tells the man as she leads him away "They will make sure you get safely home." after a through debreifing of course, but she doen't mention that part, he's having a hard enough time of it as it is. She makes sure she keeps herself between the would be assassin and his target, playing the human shield, "Batman is a myth sir." she tells him, even though the 'mythical' hero is standing just a few yards away.

Ruth's next stop is on the ceiling in the corner. There's a sturdy-looking pipe that seems appropriately tough, and she passes the loop over the pipe and through itself to tie it off. Then she lets go again and the chain starts to sag under its own weight. With another sharp jolt, she's back to hiding behind the vending machine, though on the other side this time. It's not the most secure binding to hold someone, but then it's not like the guy's going to have the chance to undo it with some kind of… bat… man… beating on him— BATMAN? Seriously? And she doesn't have her cameras. Ruth slumps and peeks out to watch.

The Congressman nods to Mirage and seems happy to just get the heck out of Dodge. He follows along with the SHIELD agent and uses her body as cover as he moves along.

Meanwhile, KGBeast is tethered up by Ruth and hangs from the ceiling, trapped. SHIELD agents begin pouring down the steps of the mezzanine arriving just after the young lady gets it all under control.

Batman's head looks upwards, following the assassin getting pulled away. Satisfied that all is under control, he now looks to make his exit. Looking left, he sees a column of SHIELD agents making their way downward. The right is blocked by the people making a break for it.

He reaches into a pouch on his utility belt and smashes down a pair of pellets shrouding himself in a haze of smoke. Somewhere within, he rises upwards towards the ceiling and the skylight above.

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