(2014-04-18) Another School Visit by Moonlight
Another School Visit by Moonlight
Summary: Moon Maiden stops by Xavier's Academy to talk more with Emma Frost.
Date: 2014-04-18
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"I apologize for taking up more of your time." Laurel says as she sits down in Emma's office. "I'll admit, I don't really have a reason to be here. I… wanted to learn more about the school." And Emma. The thought is there in Laurel's mind, as plain as day. "My mission, you see, the one I was created for, is to foster peace in this world. To promote equality and foster understanding throughout the world. Your school seems like a good place for that."

The Headmistress in white smiles one of those barely-there smiles that makes one wonder: is she really smiling? The hint of it is enough, though, to make her otherwise cool and impassive demeanor a bit easier to take, more palatable. "Quite alright, Laurel. I am here in part to assist in interfacing the school with others. It is my job, part of my very purpose here to assist however I can." Even if she often does so in her own unique ways, which some might view as less helpful. Or at least less friendly. "The founder of the school holds similarly high-minded ideals, for the school and for his students. We do our best to live up to those expectations." Her tone implies that sometimes they come closer than others.

"I have to wonder how you navigate the government." Laurel says thoughtfully, her eyes straying to Emma and then looking away again. A faint blush on her cheeks. "I was fortunate. Even though they knew about me, about my origins, they left me alone. In this new world, with a whole government agency dedicated to watching us… I have to wonder if that will continue. I've already been approached several times about doing government work."

Emma listens and nods slightly, acknowledging Laurel's points, for they are valid and worthy of note. "We navigate the government as best we can, on a case by case situational basis. Admittedly, the school's founder has certain connections that have benefited our ability to stay more or less clear of more serious issues or entanglements. But nothing is entirely perfect." She readily downplays her own part in such matters, having no wish or need to brag. Laurel is already impressed; more would merely be bragging at this rate. "So far, the DEO has chosen to leave us to our own devices. We prefer it that way. I believe their current approach indicates they view us as a resource, operating to better the situation for as many students as we can, making their lives easier."

"Let's hope that doesn't change." Laurel says. Silence falls as Laurel struggles for a topic. It is rare she's lost for words. The Hundred blessed her with a clever mind. Easily the equal to any philosopher of her time. After all, they followed in the footsteps of Plato and Archimedes. But here, in the presence of Emma Frost, Laurel feels sixteen again and not one of the premiere heroines of the world.

"Indeed." Emma offers, to Laurel's last point. She sits quite calmly, hands folded neatly in her lap, legs crossed at the knees, and waits, leaving silence to rule for quite a bit. She shows none of the discomfort with the silence that Laurel exhibits. Then again, for her that time is not truly silent, for she can - and does - eavesdrop on every thought that flitters through Laurel's mind, all without showing her feelings on those thoughts. Eventually, though, she does take a degree of mercy on the younger woman, and breaks that silence. "If there are any other subjects you might wish to discuss, Laurel, I hope you would feel comfortable enough to mention them. I am here to answer, after all."

Laurel tilts her head and then she laughs. Half-amused. Half-nervous. "I imagine you're used to this. A woman with your body and face, your aura and bearing and the ability to read the minds of others. People attracted to you and unsure what to do about it. Or, worse, people who think they're powerful eough to make a play for you… and, of course, anyone who has that sort of power and ego probably also thinks they have the superior position."

Emma cannot help but smile again - another of those barely-there things - as Laurel finally breaks the log-jam whirr of her mind and comes out with it. "I will say that it is not an unfamiliar situation, no. And I admit, many have been those who did not consider or understand the truth of the power dynamic." Emma lets that settle for a bit, as if waiting for her point to fully sink home, and then speaks up again. Just a bit. "I confess, I have often encouraged just that mis-step, and used it to my own advantage. I could downplay my looks, after all, if I so chose." And she doesn't. At all.

"No, I can see how careful you are." Laurel says as she surveys Emma again. "The skirt at just the right height to show off your legs without it being so high that sitting down is impossible. The heels giving you extra height so you can be eye to eye with most men. Just the right number of buttons undone. Giving them a glimpse. Something to distract the eye and the mind…"

"I do try." To be careful. Deliberate. And in control. Emma nods slightly. "I have found that my looks have played to my advantage far too many times to overlook that opportunity." she admits, without rancor. "But I will apologize, if my doing so has become so great a distraction that it has impaired our ability to interface together." Ever the consumate professional, even when she's being mildly flirtatious.

Again, color rises in Laurel's cheeks. "I'm sure we'll interface together well enough and… I've probably taken enough of your time." As intelligent and powerful as Laurel is, she isn't used to the subtle chess game of power that comes in higher society. Thrust and counterthrust. Parry and strike. She has no idea she's being flirted with, even to a tiny degree.

Emma tilts her head slightly, regarding Laurel in such a way as if she expects that change in visual perspective to reveal something that otherwise eludes her. "You have given me something pleasant to do with my time, Laurel. You are not an imposition." Emma stays quiet for a bit, judging the effect of her words and demeanor on the other woman, before she speaks up again. "I find your company pleasant, Laurel. If you need to go, please do so with my blessing. But if you are free to remain, I hope you realize you are truly welcome."

Laurel's lips purse together as she tries to figure out what to do. "I…" She pauses, then says. "I honestly don't know. I hate to admit it, but I find it very hard to read you." She lapses into honesty, realizing that Emma can pick up her surface thoughts anyway. "I don't think you're just being polite but I'm…" She shrugs helplessly. "Usually I know how to interact with people. With you it can be very hard. It isn't your fault."

Unable to fully help herself, Emma gives an almost-smirking smile at Laurel's last, having remained politely quiet and not interrupting the other woman when she was speaking, expressing herself in a way in which she can actually engender control, unlike her own thoughts. "I am afraid that is not entirely true, Laurel. It is my fault, at least a bit. I have made a life of remaining reserved and in control. I do not relinquish that control lightly, or easily. So while I have been keenly aware of your own thoughts and feelings in regards myself, I have been explicitly vague and non-committal regarding my own feelings and thoughts." The smirk does not return, but instead a small - but very genuine - smile. "In short, I am intentionally very hard to read, by long-time force of habit. I apologize that I am making you uncomfortable." It is a crack, however small, in the Ice Queen demeanor she has been projecting.

"Well, then." Laurel covers her mouth with her hand and coughs. Clearing her throat, as it were. "Maybe we need to change the setting. Dinner? Your pick of the place but maybe some place where we both can enjoy ourselves. I wouldn't mind seeing what you are like off of school grounds where you have students who need a constant good example."

Having embraced, at least for the moment, a greater degree of honest and openness than is her norm, Emma shows just the tiniest hint of discomfort at this idea, before that disappears. "I have begun being more honest with you, Laurel, so I must tell you, I am generally just as reserved and off-putting in other venues as I am here at the school." OK, there is /one/ venue wherein that would not be true; but she's not inviting Laurel to the Hellfire Club, for pity's sake. "I will endeavor to be … less so. But please keep in mind that I am likely going to find that very difficult to maintain." That, frankly, is more emotional honesty than Emma has shared with anyone other than Xavier in probably years. "And I am not sure what setting would both bolster that … openness … and be well-suited to us both."

Laurel steeples her fingers in front of her mouth, thinking. There's any number of expensive restaraunts but, no, those will just be the famous Emma Frost, capitalist and society woman and the Moon Maiden on a date. Cameras and reporters. That won't do either of them any good now, will it? Then she can't help but smile as she gets an idea. "… you're going to need a space suit."

Emma cannot help but arch a pale platinum eyebrow at that. Emma isn't often surprised, but that gets her. "A space suit? I confess, in all my extensive wardrobe, I do not have a space suit." She considers this for a few moments. "I do have a pressure suit, properly fitted and attired." It's a flight suit, from her time with what has now become Frost International. Sometimes the best way for a majority stockholder to see her dividends grow is to put her beauty where her bottom line is, and be visible in participating in an experimental flight. Thankfully, her gamble paid off. "But I assume you are quite serious, so I must assume that will not be entirely sufficient." She'll have to think about this. Where does one acquire such a thing as a space suit?

"You'll need more oxygen than a pressure suit would apply." Laurel's being very, very careful NOT to think of what her idea is. This is meant to be a surprise, after all. "Though, I suppose if you have access to a minisub that would do. Should provide you with enough oxygen and we can refill the tanks…"

Emma considers that for a bit, still non-plussed, but gamely trying to work things out. To be fair, she's more than intelligent enough to have figured out what Laurel has in mind - or so she thinks, anyway. She just never expected Laurel to make that move; certainly not so early on. "I am capable of purchasing a mini-sub. So far as I know, my company does not currently own one, but I will check to be sure before spending my own money on such an extravagance." Not that it would be the first or even the greatest crazy extravavence she has purchased. But it's one she has no idea how she would use, beyond this single event, however miraculous it may be.

"Well, when you get access to one, call me." Laurel says as she stands up. Pleased, it seems, that she's found some level of power in this exchange. A moment of confidence. For someone as intelligent and gifted as she is, being at a loss is a rare thing indeed. "And I'll come pick you up in it."

"Call you." Emma doesn't quite choke it out, but it might be a near thing. After all, Emma is the one usually telling someone else to call /her/. She virtually never leaves something such that it puts her in so obligatory a position. "I confess, I am surprised. Have you taken others to visit the moon? I'd have thought word of something like that would have gotten out." Honestly, it shows how unused Emma is to this situation; she hasn't even thought to ask Laurel what her number is, and the young woman is clearly in the process of departing. Oops.

Laurel works out the numbers in her head. Ten digits. Her phone number. She's sure Emma can read it. Understand it. What was it Archimedes said? Give me a lever and a place to stand… it seems Laurel has found both. She's quite pleased with herself. "If you don't want to go, you don't have to call. On the other hand. It is the moon."

In spite of herself, Emma finds the change in dynamic with Laurel somewhat intriguing. She's not sure she likes it, or hates it. But it's interesting, nonetheless. "Very well then, Laurel. Thank you for visiting." Emma offers, escorting her guest out herself, rather than merely allowing her to leave on her own. And if that means she gently but firmly keeps the students from noticing Laurel and questioning her presence, so be it.

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