(2014-04-17) Stretching the Wings
Stretching the Wings
Summary: Out in the woods, John joins with Cyber for the first time, and stretches his wings with the Help of Jean Grey. As the pair talk about the possibility of John attending Xavier's Institute.
Date: IC Date (2014-04-17)
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Notation of the Log and Cyber's speech For my sanity on keeping when and how Cyber is speaking

This is Cyber talking opening where everyone can hear.

This is Cyber talking to John coltan when the pair are joined, Only john can hear him.

~this is where Cyber Speaks to John via the wireless communication~

A walk in the woods, for once it's not half freezing cold and is fairly warm out in the woods north of Gotham City. Snow is mostly melted and the area not entirely caked with mud, And with the area thankfully deserted it's a good place to try some things out. It would almost be romantic, were it not for the fact that beside John is the Bio-Mechanical dragon Cyber. With Jean Grey beside him, John's been kept grounded mentally and has come to accept his new partner. But for now, John is interested in really trying out Cyber, seeing what the two can actually do.

Cyber has shown no hostility, or aggressiveness to force this issue, as John walks close with Jean, "Thanks for coming out here with me. I feel better not being alone."

Jean smiles wryly, "I would argue that you really aren't… but I know what you mean John." She glances over her shoulder at him, "This should be pretty isolated, and there's not really anyone else nearby." She obviously did a check.

As Cyber comes to a standstill he turns and faces John. Now when you are Ready… Will us to merge Cyber Stands less than fifteen feet from John, as John slowly approaches his companion he closes his eyes, speaking "Fortune Favors the Bold." He says as Cyber comes around behind John closing the distance to four or five feet.

Clenching his fists John Opens his eyes as Cyber Lifts up to his hind legs, Electrical arches as Cyber splits up from the throat to the chest to the groin, the arms and legs split open as John is Physically pulled back and into Cyber. A flash of light and a half second later John has merged. The Suit closed, and takes a step back, flaring those wings and issuing a draconic roar.

The Merger took less than a second as John recovers. His mind is in control as he listens to Cyber, to not fight him, to not give into fear. His voice distorted with an electronic tone, "It's like… walking on stilts." He says and starts to move around. Looking at Jean in surprise as he runs his hands over his armored form the sound of metal tapping metal… "I feel it, like it's my skin." The Tail moves around as the wings are touches… "I… I feel them, it's like an extension of my own body."

Jean nods, not using her telepathy just yet, "What did you want to test first? Just your range of motion? That might not be a bad start." She tilts her head, regarding Cyber with a curious expression.

My form is now at your command, As a shapeshifter you can alter my physical appearance, use it, will your self to grow spikes and elongate the claws. Cyber tells John through their mental command as Cyber also warns, You must also control your emotions, extreme fear, anger, hatred will disrupt our link, it will interfere with our connection, and cause us to lock up, at best, at worse actually force an ejection. Cyber continues as John clears his mind of fear and then lifting up his right hand and then after clenching his fists and when he opens then the claws on the finger tips extend nearly a half foot as his entire form is covered with spikes curling backwards. After a few moments they all retract.

"Yeah moving around is a good idea. AS he walks, he walks on the digigrade legs as the wings and tail serve as a counter balance. "It's funny, feels like I am walking on the front of my feet, but I don't feel any strain it would normally cause…" He tells Jean.

Jean hmms, "Well, just let your instincts take you, don't think about walking. Just… walk, it will probably adjust more easily that way when you unlearn what you have learned, little grasshopper." Okay, maybe she's getting a bit of a kick out of this.

Looking over at Jean he says, "Yoda, you are not," And it doesn't take long before Cyberdragon stands and then after a few moments takes to a slight jog and finally a full blown Run. The dragon's wings fold onto the back, the tail serves to act as a balance, and he runs for a tree at full speed and then actually performs a movie stun, Running up the side of the tree one two and on the third step he pushes off flipping through the air landing on his feet as the wings and tail move adjusting to serve as a counter balance. "WOW… Did I actually do that?" he says in disbelief.

Suddenly, a log floats up, dangling itself in front of Cyber as Jean says, "So sure, you are?" She grins and suddenly the log darts away, as if taunting Cyber to try and catch it.

Cyberdragon watches the Log sudden move away and he snarls out, "I am not a CAT!" And then Dashes after it, he's fast, the legs actually extend some pushing against the ground getting longer as he pushes forward and as the leg lifts up it retracts to normal length, but it gives him a considerable stride as he will listen to Cyber mentally. //Force the material on your arm to elongate when you reach for it, surprise her." So As Cyberdragon chases after it he will leap at it trying to tackle it if at all possible.

Jean isn't trying too hard, so that probably will take her by surprise, "Do, or do not, there is no cat." She grins, "I always thought cats and dragons had similar mentalities, really."

As Cyber Lashes out at the Log without warning the black of the hand sudden extends and like a hooked blade lashes out at the log digging deeply into the wood enough to spear it and he yanks it to him holding it tightly.

Jean laughs and claps, "Nice! Very good, John." She considers, "Perhaps I should introduce you to /my/ teacher. He has some resources that could be very useful." Her head tilts a bit, as she watches Cyber.

As he lets the Log go he says, "I'll have to be careful," He says verbally, "I don't want to accidentally kill anyone." And then looking up into the tree tops he spreads his wings and with grace and ease he will flap his wings and take to the air graceful… "Your teacher, I wouldn't mind it, but can you imagine it Jean, Underwater exploration, high altitude flight… There is no place on Earth I couldn't go!"

Jean grins, "It is pretty amazing, but yes, we'd just need to be a little cautious." She looks over at Cyber, "Do you just have the physical strengths of a dragon, or do you have some fire breathing as well?"

As Cyber listens to the question as he lands near that log, he will take hold of the Log that Jean had Used and then With One hand throws it like a spear and with his mouth open a blue glow comes with a sudden crzaap, a Blue bolt erupts from his mouth impacting the log and exploding with a stick of dynamite. Blowing the log to splinters. "Plasma Bolts he says, He can control them with perfect control from the range of a fire cracker, to a blast that would destroy a very large part of the forest around us."

Jean chuckles, "Very nicely done, that's going to be very useful, I'm sure." She considers, "How much range do they have?"

As he and Cyber jump down from the tree branches he will land in front of Jean as his wings help him fall and glide as he says, "Fairly far he says, not the range of a bullet, but several hundred yards he says." John looks around if only to make sure the fire of the pieces of log won't start a fire. "So who is your teacher?"

Jean hmmms, then shrugs, "Professor Charles Xavier. He runs a school for the gifted, to learn to use their abilities." She smiles a bit, "It's where I graduated high school from."

"Ah the Meta-humans that have begin to emerge. So he'll at least consider taking a normal human teen, albeit, one with some pretty fancy tech." he asks honestly. John seems interested of learning to use the technology, "Maybe get a full medical check up."

Jean nods, "Well, I don't think that he'd have a problem with you as such. And it's something that you might want to take a look into. I can pass a recommendation along, as I do have some contacts there."

Cyberdragon nods, "I think I knwo where the place is." John says and then finally the suit splits open. Starting from the neck and sliding down the chest spreading tot he arms and the legs as John steps out of the suit like it was a second skin and then Cyber slims down and assumes a Quadrupedal form.

I think we shouldn't push it too far on training, John was thinking of exploring the hudson bay for treasure. I think we should avoid deep sea exploration for the moment.

John chuckles. "Hey can you blame me?"

Remember the Karmic Balance you believe in if you obtain something you haven't earned like millions of dollars, it tends to bite one in the ass later. Even if done legally. And there is some basis for that being true through the ages.

Jean nods, "Another good point, that. You might not want to push it too hard too fast, John." She looks at the miniaturized dragon and nods, then looks back to John.

As Johns seems to accepts the Karma, "Yeah Karma Sucks at times."

John if you actually truly needed, With the knowledge I hold I could turn you into a Billionaire over night what would you do with it? Remember the love of Money is the root to all evil. Cyber says sitting down curling his tail around him like a cat.

"Not only does he make me stronger he's smarter and wiser than I am." John has some Mock annoyance. "Well If we are through for the day, what would you like to do Jean?" he asks still overwhelmed at the gift he has in Cyber.

Jean laughs and shrugs, "I hadn't given it too much thought, to be honest. Though we never did get that dinner, you realize?" She gives John a wry expression.

John thinks and nods, "There is that, Back at my place?" John offers.

Jean grins, arching a brow at John, "What, you're not afraid I'm some sort of crazy person anymore?" She smiles and slips her arm through John's. "Lead on."

As John moves beside Jean he laughs, "Well you been to my apartment while I was still recovering from the initial bonding with Cyber. And I have a hell of a watchdog."

Dragon, except when I am a dog. Cyber teases.

Offering his arm as Cyber returns to his canine form, "So what is the School like? I can't imagine it's like any normal school, if they are gifted with powers like and unlike yours?"

Jean places her hand on John's arm, "It… well, we help teach people how to use their powers." She hmms, "Not sure if I can use a 'we' right there, but I do still come by the school to help out."

As John and Jean get back to his place, he's got the general idea of the school from Jean. "I am down right Jealous. Thirteen years old, imagine it, watching heroes take to the skies, where before you read about them in history class only. Like in World War II." He says, "Oh hearing of people with fabulous powers and abilities rising, Oh I was so hoping I would get powers growing up." he says. The Place thankfully was never a mess, minus a few articles of clothes out like a shirt, pair of pants or shorts. For the most part the place has always been clean. TV, Computer, mostly books on cooking, or books and statues on dragons and other similar fantasy creatures. "I have the means to make a Steak dinner, baked Potatoes, and I think some sides like green beans or peas." John offers. Cyber pads into the room and when the outer door is closed he returns to his dragon form laying on the back of the couch.

Jean smiles warmly, "I'll trust your judgment on that, since you are the chef. I'm just a guest." She looks around with a curious expression, seeming to take in every last detail of the apartment. "Though, really, the school is very new, and also very secret. But I don't think there's harm in you knowing."

AS he will close a couple of school books and smiles, "I been tempted to pull my funds to actually buy my own restaurant. Haven't seen one I like in the price range." And he clears off a table and has two chairs. Something that Jean might notice is Cyber putting his tail into an outlet socket. "Well I won't tell anyone." He says and then as he heads into the Kitchen to start getting ready, "You allergic to Garlic or anything I should know about?" John's thoughts are somewhat on the school and most of them on the possibilities he can achieve now. "I never thought I would get a chance to be a hero."

Jean shakes her head, "No, no allergies, and well, everyone gets a chance… but I see what you mean." She smiles, "A restaurant… well, you should probably finish culinary school first."

As he starts to fire up his cast iron Skillet he will get the items down. The apartment is small, mostly just living room, kitchen, bathroom bedroom. Economic. "Aye but by then my money will be gone more or less." And soon the smell of Cooking Garlic, liquid hickory, and butter can be smelled. Moments later comes the sound of searing meat as John uses some slow baked potatoes he had already baking to get them nice and hot.

"So what are the teachers like? I'd like to know what they are like before walking into the place, harsh, mean, strict, absolutely no nonsense?"

Jean grins, "Pretty strict, but there's a bit of leeway there. Most of the students are kids, we don't have many adults there, except maybe as teachers." She takes a seat on the couch, continuing to talk while John cooks, "I was offered a spot, but I think I'll wait until after my degree."

Then John's gonna be interesting there. While he understands the need to use such powers responsibly, Gets very boring if you can't have any fun with what you have been given. Unless of course it's the type of power that can blow up a house when used. Kid have to be kids, they need to play and enjoy themselves. I have seen cultures where Children are trained pretty much from a very young age to be warriors, and it was absolutely brutal compared to what would be accepted today. The Churned out some strong but nearly psychopathic warriors. Cyber says.

"Hey Cyber maybe you should get a job as a teacher of history." That only makes Cyber Snort.

Jean chuckles faintly, "Well, we haven't had any adult students yet… to be honest, I don't know if the Professor would accept any." She glances over at Cyber, and smiles a bit, "How long have you been around?"

Oh… well I'm generalizing it, but I have like over five thousand years of total activation time. Cyber Knows larger numbers are harder to wrap one's mind around, But I have gaps, Sometimes there would be decades or maybe centuries between periods I was activated. And I have no real idea of the passage of time. But I remember everything with perfect clarity, although not instantaneously. But I have been through some classic periods you know of, Like the time of the ancient Pharaohs, Greeks when Hercules roamed the world. I heard of him, not actually met him mind you.

"Well I might be the first then. I'll have to be mister responsible. Crap." John says with some mock dread as he focuses on cooking.

Jean grins a bit, "You might just be, at that." She considers, "What exactly were you looking for, aside from some training?"

"To be honest learning how to be a SuperHero, If I have the powers I may as well use them" Which Johns Steak being a rare one he asks, "At the moment they are rare, how do you want your steak?" Getting the needed items together for dinner plates, "Only think I have to drink is Soda and fruit punch at the moment."

Jean smiles, "Rare is fine, and fruit punch would be okay." She rises easily and moves over towards the table, "I'm not sure if there's an easy school for that, as opposed to anything else."

"Momma said anything worth while is hard. I mean I would have to start in a restaurant pretty much at the bottom, work my way up." He says. And then as he gets things ready he comes out with three plates, two glasses and a Pitcher of Juice. It smells almost like it was on the grill and seared nice and good. The Steak is at least an inch thick and almost the size of a dinner plate. It's in one piece still as he sets it on the table and then comes back with two baked Potatoes very large and a large bowl of green beans. And then he has the steak knives and the forks as well as a large serving spoon for the green beans. "Which part of the steak do you want?" he asks and shows how he can cut it along the fat lines offering Jean the first choice of the cut of meat.

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