(2014-04-10) Juggernaut Wrecking Crew
Juggernaut Wrecking Crew
Summary: Juggernaut is demolishing buildings in Manhattan, and Power Woman and Moon Maiden show up to stop him. Ouch.
Date: 2014-04-10
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Some days are calm and pleasent. Some days aren't. Guess which kind of day this is! There's a loud boom, kind of like when a wrecking ball hits a building. Then another, and another. And suddenly a building in a rather nice section of SoHo is tumbling down, crumpling into a pile of shattered rubble. Moments later, a massive red figure comes bursting out of the wreckage, shaking off the dust and debris clinging to him, and glares around the area. Marching over to a nearby car, he bends down and digs his fingers into it, lifting it up and above his head before turning, and hurling it at a second building with considerable force. Which will make said vehicle hit something like a bomb blast if it connects. Naturally, civilllians are screaming and fleeing in either direction, trying to get away as fast as possible. Just another day in New York, New York.

Loud noises. Buildings falling. Smoke from fires, clouds of debris and plumes of dust. There are plenty of things to alert the aware that something bad is going on down in SoHo. So it shouldn't come as that great a surprise when one of those very aware folks appears, quite suddenly, in a blue-tinged white and scarlet streak, materializing to solidity as the internationally-known and recognized heroine, Power Woman, with said thrown car in her hands. "I think that is rather rude. Wouldn't you say it's rude, Mooon Maiden? What did these buildings, these people, or this poor car ever do to you?"

Yes. The superheroine is snarking at the supervillain. It happens.

"I don't suppose you have a permit for what you're doing? Demolition is a noble profession, after all. I'm sure you could make a lot of good, honest money by offering your services for that." Moon Maiden says as she hovers near Power Woman. "Did you at least check to make sure no one was inside?" She motions with one hand and a silver field surrounds a large area of rubble, lifting the torn brick and mortar and girder beams and dry wall into the air.

So it's not exactly right, not exactly nice, but, the people who attent things in this part of town, can afford a new phone. Plus they are easy to come by. Just go to a gallery give a description of one phone or another, with the top ranked cases and bam, phone in your pocket. It helps she's put on a pair of khaki's comfy tennis shoes, that look well cared for, and even a nice blouse. Sure it did all set her back a little but the return it'll bring her in the long run makes the clothes a good investment. That is until shards of glass and mortar are being flung at her, the golden glow of her forcefield surrounding Sally as she brings her arms up in a defensive posture, and wait, are people talking? It'll be a moment before she looks up and around to see just what all is going on.

Oh great. Another one. The big villain in the red armor may be recognizeable to the Heroines as the Juggernaut, who beat Wonder Woman unconscious on the day of her arrival in the city. He scowls up at the two women floating in the air. "More of you people. You really don't know how to mind your own business, do you?" He squints and considers the pair. "And both women again. What, there no guys around with superpowers or something? First Super Stripper or whatever her name was, now you two. Look. I'll give you the same offer I gave her. Move along, leave me alone, and you won't get hurt. I'm just lettin off a little steam is all. I suggest you take the offer. Didn't turn out well for her when she turned it down."

Power Woman floats down and over, and settles the car safely on the cracked pavement as she faces Juggernaut, frowning a bit. "There's a big problem with that. You're not minding your own business. You're minding a lot of other people's business, destroying their homes and businesses and property, endangering their lives. And we're here to put a stop to that." Of course she recognizes the oversized behemoth. And she's not happy about it, either. This is the same jerk who assaulted the Princess of the Amazons. Someone has to put a stop to him!

"Which means, you get one warning. Stand down, please, or there will be violence." Moon Maiden says the words simply but her resolve is obvious. Several tons of debris still hover in the air, surrounded by a field of silver sparkles.

And with the raised amounts of debris, the women talking and Juggernaut talking, she's able to actually see just is now going on. Furrowing her brow, the blonde in the golden field peers at Juggernaut, something familiar about him. Sighing, "Look, Ginger Boy, just go, really, look at the situation you're in. Two on one, and one of the two has your trash above you, just go on your merry way, and let people get back to what it was they were doing…"

The massive villainn listens quietly as the three women talk, his eyes shifting between them. When they're done, his lips twist up into a sneer then he starts to laugh, a deep rumbling guffaw. "These two are gonna stop me huh? Yeah. That's not gonna happen. Like I told Super Stripper…" He really should learn her actual name. "I'm the Juggernaut. And nothing can stop me. Definetly not you ladies." Then he beds over, and errupts into a sudden violent charge…right at the building he'd thrown the car at earlier. If one of the women DOES try to halt his charge, they'll discover pretty quick that the whole 'nothing stops me' thing wasn't just hyperbole.

They know he's incredibly strong, given the damage he has done, and the harm to Princess Diana. Granted, Power Woman is only guessing that Princess Diana's power is comparable to what Queen Hippolyta showed decades ago. But it's not an unreasonable assumption. If this Juggernaut can do that, he's not to be taken lightly. So she doesn't. When he charges …

She charges. One moment, Power Woman is standing still, hands on hips, projecting calm and reasoned confidence and authority. In the next moment, she's a blur, charging right at Juggernaut, all of her might and speed concentrated into a human-sized bullet of Kryptonian force.

Uncontained, the shockwave of devastation could be rather substantial. There shall be ringing bells, to be sure. Whose, and how badly, has yet to be determined. Or at least, revealed.

"Wrong answer." Laurel says with a heavy sigh. Then she moves, working in concert with Power Woman. While Juggernaut charges and Power Woman does the same, the Moon Maiden twists her hands. The debris field flies and flows, becoming a stream of brick and steel and other sundry materials. It twists until it has formed a circle around where the Woman of Tomorrow and the Unstoppable Force meet. Ready to catch whomever bounces off and keep the violence contained so it doesn't hurt bystanders.

She sighs again, and while it's too fast, to see, and the circling debris is used as a barricade, she can't see the oncomming impact. Sally is hunkering down dropping to a knee, the field around her expanding to a small dome around her, any escaping debris bouncing off said golden hued dome.

It's entirely possible that Power Woman has more raw strength than the Juggernaut. He's strong, but he's still not a Kryptonian. He IS more durable than her though for sure, and she isn't aware that his inertia simply cannot be overcome. However, unstoppable and unslowable are two different things. The red giant slams into the blurred blonde superheroine, and it's like a bomb goes off. A very big bomb. He slows down a bit, but doesn't stop for even a second, arms trying to wrap around her as he then impacts with the flowing wall of debris and most likely ends up errupting out the other side. Once he does, he contiues his charge and drives Karen through the building along with him, not stopping until he bursts out the other side. Then he'll try to shift his grip on Karen, if he managed one to begin with, to her waist and turn to hurtle her with all of his might at a THIRD building.

In terms of sheer physical force, Kara has never run into a force that really, truly threatened to overwhelm her, except when - rarely - under the influence of Kryptonite. With one other exception.


Power Woman slams - arrows - into Juggernaut and her tremendous force is unleashed in a shuddering shockwave that thunders outward. It's not quite 'nuclear bomb' level, but it's nasty, and without Laurel there to contain it, that alone would have brought down the entire neighborhood. Thankfully, that has been avoided.

When the impact actually staggers Kara, however, that Kryptonian quick mind puts something together, even while rattled. Rattled, and grabbed. The Juggernaut /must/ be magical. That would explain the blood and the pain. But Power WOman does not yield. She uses physics. When one cannot /stop/ a force, one redirects it. Vectors can be friends. And she /is/ strong enough to lift even Juggernaut. And he's being so helpful as to be holding on for all he's worth. She returns the favor, and takes off.

Chances are, the building is safe. Kara? Maybe not so much. She is actually bleeding, here. And no one has ever seen Power Woman bleed before.

"Darn it!" Moon Maiden cries out. She drops the debris and rushes off after the cannonball that is a combined Power Woman and Juggernaut. The debris rains to the ground and bounces but it doesn't damage anything. More likely, it will block traffic until Laurel can come back and remove it. The Moon Maiden pours on the speed, seeking to keep up with the villain and her Kryptonian ally. "Power Woman! Shake him loose!"

Cain's feet pump at the air a few times befor he realizes he's in the sky. The crimson-clad villain grunts in startlement, then releases Karen. She'll probably end up keeping ahold of him anyway, but he takes a swing at her head all the same. He IS magic, though that doesn't mean his blows bypass her resistance the way a magical weapon would. So chances are she's taken harder punches before. He swings again right after though, letting out an angry roar. "You think I'm afraid of heights!?! You're not gonna stop me! Nothing is gonna stop me! I'll beat you all! Everybody!"

"Don't … want … him … loose." Kara growls out of her bloodied, broken lips as Cain's magically-banded fists hammer home destructively on her Kryptonian face. But still, she holds on fiercely to her opponent, for as long as she can. It's messy. it's painful. But she does it until or unless she's knocked out. She has no idea if this bellowing behemoth can breathe thin air, or suck vacuum safely. But she's going to find out. He clearly can't fly, which means worst-case,s he can put him in orbit if she has to. She's not letting him demolish a neighborhood full of people.

Not if she's conscious enough to do anything about it. Which could become debatable in a hurry. Help would be grand.

Moon Maiden swears softly. "Teamwork, Power Woman. I wasn't saying that for your own good." She sighs and rushes to keep up. She can't fly quite as fast as a Kryptonian but, fortunately, she doesn't have to. Cain is slowing Karen down enough that keeping up is easy. "Power Woman! LET HIM GO!" Moon Maiden shouts, again. And this time, when Karen does? Laurel hits the Juggernaut with every inch of lunar gravity she can muster. Nothing stops the Juggernaut? Let nothing stop him straight down into the Atlantic.

The impact of super strong fists against super strong flesh is kind of like a steady barrage of artillery, at least in terms of sound. The Juggernaut roars again, redoubling his efforts to try and get her to let him go. Or to knock her out. He's not too picky on that point. "You should listen to your friend and just… let… me…. GO!" He balls his two hands together over his head, ready to bring them down in an overhead strike that may be enough to knock Karen out at least temporarily…but he doesn't get the chance to deliver it, because the Kryptonian lets go. And gravity seems to decide it really misses him. He goes whistling down, shouting angrily all the time, then hits the water for possibly the biggest cannonball in history, the water plume shooting up high enough to spray the two lovely ladies. And he keeps going down… down… down… just how far out did Karen fly!?! They can't see where he ultimately lands, but he drives into seafloor with enough force to disappear entirely inside it. It's going to take him a while to dig free, and longer to walk back to land along the seabottom. Looks like the Juggernaut was stopped after all.

After releasing Juggernaut, Karen holds her position, head titled back, soaking in the sun as that energy pours into her, fills her, sparkling through her veins and recharging her cells. She's covered in blood, still, but soon enough her body will show few signs of actual injury /beneath/ that blood. "Ow." she murmurs, shaking her head a bit. "Damned bastard. Hits hard, and he's /magic/. Has to be." Is she talking to herself? Or to Laurel? Probably Laurel. They're friends like that.

"We don't know if he needs oxygen." Laurel frowns. "I lost my temper. That was stupid of me. Use your vision to see if you can find him, then I can go rescue him. Hopefully before he drowns."

Kara takes a deep breath, and then nods. "Well, he wasn't showing any signs of hypoxia. I imagine he can hold his breath a good bit, even if he does have to breathe." She has no idea if he needs to or not, but she - like Laurel - will assume the worst. As much of an ass and a criminal as he may have been, his life may be in danger. So she turns and looks down, her telescopic vision and X-Ray vision sweeping the area sea floor, looking for evidence of Juggernaut. One would think a humungous redhead in armor wouldn't be so damned hard to spot …

But the ocean is a big place, of course. Even for a Kryptonian. After a solid hour of searching, the duo will need to give up. Poor Laurel obviously feels terrible but… "Come on. We can go clean up that building at least." She stays focused on the task… and hopes Karen is right. That this Juggernaut can withstand the punishment of the deep.

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