(2014-04-08) Searching for friends, Merging complete
Searching for friends, Merging complete
Summary: With John having failed to show up or contact her for their dinner date, Jean Grey, as Marvel Girl chooses to head down to an area where John had been jogging, when a Warehouse fire erupted. Concerned for his well being Jean Grey discovers more than she expected.
Date: IC Date (2014-04-08)
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With the Warehouse fire and the report of Casualties, dozens injured. And at least one confirmed dead. Add into the Fact of the reports of the Fire Demon, erupting from the blaze and plunging into the harbor. That doesn't bode well. More so as an acquaintance of Jean Grey's John Coltan had told her he would meet her for dinner, after he did some morning running down near the docks. Roughly around the time the fire had erupted. Since then, no contact with John has been gotten.

The place is still taped off, and for the most part all the fire is out, A couple places are still hot, and investigators working around the area trying to determine the cause of the fire. The Place is fairly charred, and burned as investigators sift through the debris. A few officials are investigating the area where the Demon was seen, where some civilian was attempting to help people out of the fire area….

It's the evening, and the activity around the docks has died down. However, floating through the air is Jean, wearing a forest green domino mask over her face, in addition to her green and white jumpsuit. Landing down by the pier, she scans around with her telepathy, sensing if there are any unusual thought patterns nearby.

There are a large number of thoughts, most of them are on the fire, and such. So far there is no confirmed remains of anyone dying in the blaze. And frankly investigators are of the opinion that who ever was seen dying managed to escape.

As the area is probed. A couple of people are wondering where some material went, Material that was in a hidden WW II nazi weapon case, found in 2013, their thoughts claim the Nazi's could not so much scratch it, and it has lead them to wonder if the fire had been staged to obtain the material. Because it could not be melted down or marked.

As Jean's scans the area there is something… else, elusive, yet familiar. It will take some active searching, but it will take little effort to Identify who it is. JOHN, John is alive, he's not awake, not yet but he is somewhere under the Docks.

Jean blinks, "Well, this is going to get messy…" She drops off the docks, using her telekinesis to form a bubble around her to keep the water away as she homes in on the location for John, using her thoughts to propel herself along.

As Jean moves into the water there is some light from the search lights above and soon she will find what looks like a number of storm grates, one has been damaged. Not damaged, it looks like a number of the bars have been cut, and pulled back and then pushed and pulled back into place. The edges are too cleanly cut to have been the result of wear and tear.

It will take a small amount of effort to open it, but something man sized could get through. Hopefully it's not Killer Croc.

The Drain is dark and dank. Just when the light from the outside fades, the Tunnel lifts up draining the water into an area under the dock. the smell of Charred and burned material has come down here, as the Grates above shine light down into the area. In the Sludge the outlines of what could be footprints about the size of a medium dinner plate can be seen.

Jean frowns slightly, hovering through the grate as she looks down at the footprints, then glances around. Then she shakes her head, moving along after the thoughts of John, thinking a quick message to him, » John, are you alright? « Hopefully, the voice of his dinner date in his head won't freak him out too much.

The Footprints have a geometic design to them, like an armored boot had stepped in the material, four talons on the feet, it might weigh in excess of 600 pounds.

John's Mind starts to clear up as some pain comes to his conscious mind. His words are Spoke, "Who What?" At first his response is vocal, but then comes a another voice, that John hears. It's like a Radio Transmission, or over a head set for him. ~Calm your Self John Coltan. No harm shall come to you. I will not allow it.~ The voice is similar to John's own voice, but with an electronic tone to is.

The Confusion hits him as first he though he heard Jean's voice, then another voice. Of course he doesn't recognize it as his own, as when you voice is recorded and played back, it sounds nothing like it does when you hear your self speak. But there is no other mind present to indicate a telepath.

John's concern and fear picks up notches… "wha what are you?"

Jean moves quietly through the tunnels, tracking down John as she thinks to him, » John, this is Jean. I'm getting close now. Just relax. « She doesn't notice the other voice yet, mainly because she's not close enough to pick up more than just the basic surface thoughts, though she does seem aware that he's not alone as she keeps her protective field up around her.

John's thoughts are clearly on what he sees before him, something he only imagined, dreamed. A Biomechanical dragon, red, with black marking moving out of shadows. Wings Flared, The creature is small, well when one takes into accounts tales of Dragons. The creature moves keeping his distance as, John seems to relax as he hears Jean's voice. Having heard the words in his head from the creature, and now, Jean's he's trying to keep his mind on something to keep from thinking about jean. If the creature can speak in his mind he doesn't want to give away thoughts of someone on the way.

Making her way through the Tunnels she will come upon a large chamber, Surprisingly clean. What looks like a make Shift sleeping area is there, John is in Light that have been turned on, and beside him the Dragon, In all it's glory, wings flared, tail tipped with a wicked looking blade. In all a creature that could be mistaken easily for a fire demon.

If I understand your thoughts and knowledge… You would consider me… Alien Technology, in the simplest terms, I am… a Living weapon. A Universal Environmental survival suit.

Jean could go for the stealthy approach, but she doesn't seem to sense any danger, though she does hang back enough once she sees John and the… Dragon, for lack of a better word, » Are you in danger, John? I can see you, but it looks like you're… relatively okay. « A hint of amusement in her thoughts, as she tightens the mental communication between them, » As much as it looks like you're playing Bilbo to his Smaug, anyway. «

Keeping his distance the Dragon moves slowly carefully making sure that he doesn't block any of the exits from the room. A perfect melding of organic and machine. I have been on earth for many ages. I have seen the Rise of the great pyramid of Giza, I was there when the first stone to the Library of Alexandria was laid, I was there when it was burned to the ground. I have traveled the Greek Isle in the time of Heracles and Odysseus. the Dragon's mind is also very odd, it's as if it is not there. Either it is a machine or it's mind is so alien that Jean can't perceive what it's thoughts are.

John calms down as he knows Jean is there and hopes, that she is packing some fire power. "What do you want with me?" John asks more calmly.

Folding those Wings the dragon speaks. To protect you, My duty, my function, is to protect my host. You are my host. You may call me… Cyber. And together we shall be Cyberdragon.

"Cyberdragon was a Childhood fantasy.

To understand you, I had to bond with you, to join with you. We are merged, I know you better than you know your self, John Coltan. I have seen all your memories, and I took this form as you would find it pleasing.

Jean does emerge at this time, looking between the dragon and John as she speaks, instead of using her telepathy, "Well, I'm glad to see you're safe, John." She glances over at the dragon, and nods slightly, looking rather distinctive in her X-outfit.

As Jean comes around the corner Cyber is now between her and John as Cyber turns his head baring his fangs. Looking at her in her uniform, Cyber doesn't recognize her. When John says in confusion at the costume, "Jean is… that you?" And then Cyber turns his head a bit to look at John as the snarl softens some what.

The Same Jean from the Gotham Coffee shop John was supposed to meet for dinner? The question catches John by surprise as Cyber explains. The Bonding process allows me to perceive and read your Memories, to understand you, I more or less read your entire life. Everything you knew up to the point of Bonding… I know and will never forget. Still Cyber remains in a protective stance between John and Jean.

Jean raises her hands, "Easy, and yes, I'm Jean." She smiles wryly, "Or Marvel Girl, in this guise anyway. I'm a meta, John. I didn't tell you before because… well, it was nice that you liked me for me." She then sends to both John and the Dragon, » I'm a telepath. It's how I found you both down here. I doubt anyone else could. «

The Dragon doesn't get the communicate or seem to respond to the telepathy. "Telepathic…?" John says as his thoughts turn almost envious of her powers, but it's gone for a moment as his attention redirects to Cyber. As Cyber's lip lifts.

Ah so that's how you found us. It's part of why I chose to come down here. So I could speak to John, without him freaking out, or being taken to a lab and studied. Moving around Cyber starts to slowly approach John who gets a little tense. Much like Iron man, I am a suit of protective armor. We are able to join and fight together. Your childhood dreams of being a super hero can come true if you want.* John is starting to get a little freaked out as Cyber says, But I am not an object. I have a mind and will of my own. We are Symbiotically linked, we must co-operate and work together for our power to be at it's greatest.**

John looks to jean and says, "I'm not dead or dreaming am I Jean, or uh Marvel Girl?"

Jean grins a bit, "You know, if I /was/ a dream, you think I'd tell you?" She winks at John, "Look, this is your decision John. I'll still have dinner with you either way." She glances back to the Dragon, "And I'm definitely capable of keeping a secret, so you shouldn't worry about me."

No it's not a dream. And I have at times seen that Fate has a sense of humor, when you least expect it.

John starts to get up as he looks at his bandaged arm and placing his hand on his forhead, "This… This is gonna take time to get used to. At least… I have a unique Excuse for missing dinner."

Not every day one is teamed with a talking dragon. All she needs is to be in shining armor, and she could be the Knight sent to rescue you. There is a way to leave this way Cyber gets up and then starts to head over to a doorway arch… John on the Other hand looks to Jean… and not sure if she can pick up his thoughts… «How long have I been gone? Surely he could have killed or harmed me in all that time but he did take care of my arm here.»

Jean arches a brow, then grins, "That's a thought, though if I'm doing night patrols I think white is the last color I should really wear." She tilts her head at John, » I'm not sure, it's nighttime now… but I think this… dragon, is sincere. If you want me there to make sure any joining doesn't have complications, I'd be happy to be there with you. «

«Green might work, darker shade» He suggests and then nods, as if to silently answer her question of staying with him. He's honestly scared. "I heard you inside my head, not quiet with my ears…"

A Form of Wireless communication, similar to telepathy, but I think more akin to like a two way Radio works. You have to actively focus on me for me to hear your thoughts. And I the same. So I can't Listen in on your thoughts unless you focus on me. Cyber leads the pair though what amounts to a service tunnel and then to what sounds like an outside Door. At that sound Cyber's form ripples, his wings are absorbed into his body, his tail shortens, and starts to take on the form and appearance of a very large fluffy Dog… I'm a Shapeshifter for lack of better words.

Jean chuckles softly, "Well, that's talent, for certain." She glances at John, and slips her hand in his, giving it a squeeze, » I know you're scared, John, but I'll be here for you. «

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