(2014-04-03) Strangers and lunch
Strangers and Lunch
Summary: Joining Dani and Jean Grey John Coltan heads inside a Gotham Cafe. Meeting a new friend Jean Grey (Note this log takes place before Cyber and John are joined.
Date: IC Date (2014-04-03)
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Jean smiles to herself, enjoying the cozy feel of the diner as she sits in a booth. Her eyes idly flick to her watch, checking the time as she seems to be waiting for someone. Currently, with the sudden cold front, the girl is wearing a Gotham U sweatshirt, looking a bit more bundled up than she might otherwise.

The bell on the diner door signals another customer, this one a dark complected woman with dark hair pulled back into a single braid. The wears civilian clothes, jeans, blouse with leather jacket over it all. "Sorry if I'm late. Some asshat on the train wanted to cause a commotion." she doesn't deal well with with asshats… and it usually ends in way that leads to broken noses if not worse. And not her nose either. "Coffee decent?

College, school, homework. Of all cities to get offered a job for after he graduates. It would have to be Gotham City for such an offer. John as he enters the little Cafe he is debating turning down the offer of a near six figure job at a Gotham five star restaurant. If only to avoid the lunatics that reside in the City.

Looking around he sees the old Pinball machine and asks someone, "That still works?" His question is honest as he checks out the play field, only to offer a Wave to Jean seeing her in her Gotham U shirt. Taking no time he knows what he wants to order, Cheese burger, everything on it, large fries and Soda. Under his jacket John has the Shirt LOGO for the CIA, Or Culinary institute of America.

When Dani comes in John inhales, "Smells like it," and when he looks to Dani, He actually does a Double Take, as if he had recognized her, or mistaken her for someone else.

Jean grins, "It's pretty decent Dani." She stands up with the slightly older woman arrives, and moves to give her a hug, "It's been a long time." She chuckles, "And asshats seem to be par for the course here, but it's a work in progress." When John comes in and waves, she blinks a bit, then waves back.

Obviously it is a case of mistaken identity because Dani has never meet John, but she does give him a nod as he answers her question "Well anything is better than the coffee at work." she returns the hug and then moves to sit at the barstool next to Jean "Too long. How's the semester been?

For a moment John thought he was looking at someone he knew, but says, "You should try my coffee, would send you to the moon and back." As John waits for his order to be served, he will head over to the Pinball machine and start to play a round or two.

Jean takes a seat next to Dani, "It's been good, already looking at summer internships. There's a few interesting ones… including one that I think would be very challenging, but it's… a bit spooky." She looks curiously at John, as if trying to place him, then shrugs back at Dani. "Now you're making me glad I didn't decide to work there."

Dani orders a cup of coffee as the waitress passes, "Oh it has other perks. Cute guys in uniforms and all the weapons one could ever wish for." Dani grins at Jean as the waitress pours her coffee, "Do we know him?" she whispers to Jean.

As John's order is filled he looses his last Pinball and doesn't have a very high score. Accepting the food, he will over here the talk of weapons, and having mostly been keeping his business to himself, John listens to the conversation a bit more. If only to make sure that it's innocent talk is all. Sitting down he makes sure he chooses a booth that will allow him his right ear to the girls, and pulling out a News paper opening to the Classified… and starts checking a few things off including writing down numbers on a small booklet.

Jean smiles a bit, thinking directly to Dani, » I don't recognize him, but I always wave to guys that can cook as a matter of principle. «

Aloud she says, "Well, I know, but it's just not my thing. Though I do like the uniform." She laughs very softly.

As the Young man eats if his thoughts are picked up, he's concerned about possible Terrorists but seems to be relaxing on the talk of uniforms and not requiring deadly weapons. When he gets a chance he offers a suggestion to get the deep fryer a bit hotter when they make fries. As the out side would be a touch more crisper and the cooking time lessened. Which he hopes the suggestion will be taken as honest advice.

Jean sips her coffee, "Well, that wasn't it… I mean, the weapons that is. It just isn't something that… well, I guess it felt too structured. That kind of mindset isn't something I really have, you know?" She smiles at Dani, "Though, who knows, maybe after I get my degree, I'll reconsider things." As an additional follow up, she thinks back to Dani, » Well, there are a /few/… «

Dani starts to doctor her coffee with cream and sugar, "We could use some decent pscyhes there." she says as her phone starts to beep. "Oh crap, all hands on deck situation. And it was supposed to be my day off. We'll get together later. " she tosses a couple of dollars on the counter to pay for her coffee and heads out.

As John listens to the talk of Psychics and then as Dani talks of a All hands on Deck situation, John's mind instantly locks onto that. Government agent or police, Who knows, but he chooses to do his best to put the situation out of his mind. Remaining polite and not approaching Jean out of respect.

Jean glances over at John, and smiles, "How long have you been going to the CIA?" She tilts her head, nodding once at the shirt as Dani leaves. If she's disappointed, she doesn't give a sign of it.

"I would tell you then I would have to cook you dinner." A play on the old classified I tell you, then need to kill you. "Oh about a year now, I still have oh… two years left on my classes. Training to become a professional chef." John at that point asks motioning to her seat, "May I join you?"

Jean gestures, "Certainly. I'm Jean." She smiles over at John, "I'm a psych major at Gotham U, myself. Though I can do a bit of cooking if I need to."

Coming to join Jean, "John. I have had a lot of ladies asking me to cook for them when they find out I am a cook." Sitting down. John has good manners as his cheese burger is falling apart. "Only good Cheeseburger is one that falls apart when you try to eat it."

Jean laughs softly, "Well, it is a nice quality, admittedly, though I do try to use men for more than just cooking." She grins a bit impishly, getting a refill of her coffee, "But, well, if you wish to study mental disorders, there's not too many places in America better to go than Gotham City. For better or worse."

the Talk of Gotham being a good place to study mental disorders make shim shiver. "To be honest this city gives me the creeps. I'm only here because I got offered a near six figure job out of graduation. I think I would rather find another place to work. Maybe Iraq or afganistand. They sound a bit more safe."

Jean shrugs, "Oh, it's not that bad. But then again, I do know how to take care of myself, even in a place like this." She smiles, "And there's always things to scare even criminals out there. But it seems more like fairy tales."

"Aye, I heard of The Bat-man. Something more than a fairy tale I think." And as he bites into a Fry he says, "Not a slouch my self, but never really devoted time to more then dirty street fighting." he says.

Jean grins, "Well, at the school I went to, we focused a lot on self-defense, so I feel like I could handle myself." She shrugs, "I don't think I'd get too much attention, though. Being a college student has some advantages."

"Oh avoiding common mistakes like walking near the street side of a side walk, facing on coming traffic, avoiding night times. Most crimes happen between the hours of midnight and three am. So knowing the time is also vital." John says "I thought of more intense Martial arts classes, but my really passion is cooking."

Jean hmms, "Well, you could use knives…" She glances over at John, "Probably not too helpful, I imagine."

John instantly turns sour as he says, "No A knife would could easily turn lethal." John actually shivers with some dread at the idea of doing something that could kill someone. "Besides it could be taken away. Would rather use a Stun gun." He says

Jean nods, "Well, that's always a useful option. As sporks are probably not the most intimidating of things." She hmms, "I'm actually pretty well trained in aikido, so that's always useful, though I never had to use it here yet."

John says, ""I hope you never will." John says. Although given how beautiful she is, knows that will most likely happen at some point which he has sympathy."

Jean laughs softly, "Well, that's a nice thing to say, but it's best to be prepared." She tosses her hair back a bit, "So a six figure salary for a culinary school? You must have some talent there."

John says, ""Well it's for after I graduate. One of the conditions is actually finishing graduation from college. The offer is on the table and stands until I graduate." John smiles as the talk of being prepared is always best. "In today's economy, there are few jobs you can count on always being needed, and a cook? Oh yeah.""

Jean grins, "True enough. But I'm just wondering who's paying six figures. I might have switched careers for that." She hmms, "So what do you specialize in, if anything, for your cooking?" She does sound rather interested in that, and hey, she is a cute redhead to boot.

"It's what I could possibly end up with. depending on grades. "I fix just about everything. I have cookbooks at my apartment that focus on all sorts of foods. One of my specialties is Dragon's Fire Chili. Personal creation." He says.

Jean considers, "That sounds a bit too spicy for me, but it could be interesting." She grins, "I just live at the dorms on campus, so no kitchen for me."

"Small apartment in the Bronx for me. Been debating trying to find some roommates but I do enjoy my privacy." John says finishing his sandwich and nods. "No kitchen? That's no good, what do you do when you need a large meal? Take out?"

Jean hms, "Well, there's a cafeteria… plus there's some eateries on the campus too. Or well, there's a pretty good variety in Gotham. Beats upstate New York, anyway." She grins, "You're living in New York? What brought you out /here/?"

"The Job offer is here in Gotham, The RP Steakhouse." He says with a smile, "Despite the Lunatics in this city it's not an offer I can just blindly ignore."

Jean blinks, "Nice. I have gotten a few job offers already… though being only a sophomore, I haven't given them too much thought. Some of them are… rather intriguing."

John Coltan With a smile he chooses not to try and impress her with the fact he volunteers at homeless shelters as a cook. But the idea crosses his mind as he says, "Well I am on the look out for places that can help me finance my education. It's not cheap in New York." He says Although the idea of buying the RP Steakhouse with his money has it's appeal, but with Gotham as it is… he is not intent on paying protection rackets.

Jean tilts her head, and smiles a little slyly, "That's definitely true." She seems to pick up on the surface thought, or something, as she smiles a bit wider, "Well, John, if you wanted to buy me a cup of coffee, I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better. Or is that a bit too forward?"

As Jean seems interested in him, "I would rather make you a cup of coffee." And then he will of course offer to pay for her coffee here at the very least, John also pulls out a card with an Email and his cell phone number passing it on. "Maybe if the weather gets a bit warmer, head to Central park and do some grilling?" John says, "I thought I could be bold…"

Jean grins, "I like that thought… and I think that sounds like fun. Though as far as a cup of coffee… maybe I could come by sometime? Since your apartment is probably closer than Gotham, after all."

John Coltan the talk of coming by his apartment does strike him as odd. And he's thinking cautiously rather than with his primal nature. "I would prefer to get to know you a little better before inviting a total stranger to my place. For all I know you are Catwoman." He says in a flirty way.

Jean chuckles, "Meow?" She shrugs, "I would think as a redhead I'd be Poison Ivy, but that's okay. I definitely understand it's a little weird. But whatever makes you comfortable."

John Coltan thinks, "If you are Ivy, I'll pack Calamine lotion." He says drinking his soda down. "Nice to know at least on the surface people in the City seem sane. What do you make of this city, it's lunatics in your opinion as a Psychiatrist? Something in the air, water?"

Jean hmms, "It's… complicated. Really, I think it's almost a case of the stratification of society run rampant. The rich are insanely rich, and the poor are getting worse… eventually, that causes society to crack."

With a nod John says, "Yeah I know. Still I can only hope the city here gets better."

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