(2014-03-26) Moon Maiden Meets Moonstar
Moon Maiden meets Moonstar
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Date: IC Date 2014-03-26
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Moon Maiden..Mirage..

==[ Back Alley — East Village ]==

A typical alleyway. Moderately high walls on either side, trash, refuse, the occasional dumpster, long shadows, sewer access, random vehicles, entrances into neighboring buildings, many times an exit into another alleyway or onto another street. Often times alleys are used for deliveries, sleeping areas for the homeless, nefarious encounters or unlawful exchanges. Also found in alleys are fire escape ladders to rooftops or upper floors of the surrounding structures.

SHIELD has a full file on Laurel Klein aka the Moon Maiden. After all, NASA knows all the details: found by the last manned mission to the moon in a strange, Roman villa on the terminus of the light and dark side. Since debuting as the Moon Maiden, she's been on their radar. While she seems to be on the side of the angels the day may come when she turns her amazing powers on the Earth.

Translation? SHIELD keeps an eye on Laurel. Which explains why they know she's in the middle of investigating a series of cult murders - always happening on the night of the full moon. The bodies are left on rooftops - the rib cage ripped and spread open, heart removed. A method of execution the Vikings used to call "spread eagle". The last full moon, the Full Worm Moon, was on the 16th. Laurel has been hunting leads since then. Today, she wanders the alleys near the last murder, speaking to the homeless on the street. Floating behind her in a field of sparkles is basket full of sandwiches and healthy beverages. Each person Laurel speaks to gets a meal.

The 'entity' known as Moon Maiden isn't Mirage's assignment, but she has heard of the hero and has been audience to several breifings on the woman. Being a low woman on the proverbial totem pole her assignment is to keep an eye on the alley, there have been rumours of some illegal weapons sells in the area…when grusome murders aren't going down, and she is to keep an eye on that. Her surviellence area isn't easily seen by those in the alley, an empty apartment, its fire escape in the alley, she sits in the shadows of the window watching the woman below a moment, her survillence equipment picking up the conversations below. She debates, her superiors would want this information, so she hits the record button and leaves her perch, descending the fire escape into the alleyway below, "Good luck getting any useful info out of them.

The man Laurel is questioning claims to be a hero of the Vietnam war. What is clear is he's tired, sick, and cold. Laurel shakes his hand, thanks him for his time, then floats him a sandwich and a beverage. "There's a shelter two blocks from here. I hope you consider going there." She says, softly. Only then does Laurel turn her attention to the woman sliding down the fire escape. "People ignore them and so they see a lot without people realizing it. It just takes the patience to listen and the willingness to treat them like people and not a problem."

Mirage scans the alley, taking in the homeless people that use this place to escape what elements they can, Any by people you mean those in law enforcement?" her question is perfectly neutral, as if she didn't care one way or the other how the other woman answered, "I'll agree that the homeless community can be a valuable source of information, and your method is certainly better than others that I have seen. Have you gotten any leads yet?

"Excuse me." Laurel says to the homeless man. Then she turns and hovers forward until she's closer to Dani Moonstar. "I like your style. Very casual. Nothing about juristiction or how I should be cooperating if I know what's good for me." Moon Maiden squints her eyes as she examines Dani's outfit. "Hard to tell. SHIELD, right? Most government agencies wouldn't let you keep the braid or the feathers."

She flips the collar down of the jacket to show the SHIELD insignia on her uniform "Yes." Dani confirms "It's not my job to give you a hard time. I'll leave that to my superiors and to those who are assigned to keeping tabs on you and the case you are working." her hand goes to one of her long braids and she gives a sly grin "What they don't know.

Laurel can't help but smile. "What they don't know. So, you just happened to be nearby then?" As she speaks a sandwich floats out of the basket and over towards Dani. "On a stakeout, I'm guessing. In which case you're probably hungry. There's no place nearby that offers good food for sale. All fast and cheap. Not good for growing secret agents investigating terrorists."

"I was yes." she replies, but doesn't seem willing to give any other information on where or why "That's about all we have time for when we are on the clock." she will take the airborne sandwich, "Thanks, it doesn't take long for me to get tired of that crap. And I'm pretty sure I'm done growing.

"Oh, only physically. If we stop growing as a person we might as well not be alive." Moon Maiden points out. One of those things her mother is fond of saying. "To answer your question, so you can rely it to your superiors if you want, several of them remember seeing a figure dressed in a red robe and cracked white mask climbing up a fire escape near here, dragging along a body sized package in burlap."

Dani unwraps the sandwich, giving a glance at its contents before taking a bite of it, "Stagnation of the soul will be the downfall of mankind." she replies around her bite of food, "I'm required to tell them, if they don't already know." she wouldn't be surprised one way or the other. "Occult ties?" she asks when MM describes the suspect.

"Or a serial killer who has seen too many movies." Laurel points out. "It doesn't matter. Either way, these killings need to stop." A bottle floats out. It contains a nice herb tea mixture from a local farm. "Here, you can use this to wash it down." The bottle hovers forward.

"Agreed. From what I have heard it sounds like some kind of ritual killings, but like you said it could be just some creepy psycho. How many have there been in all?" she takes the bottle as well and gives it a dubious look "Do I have too?" strange teas aren't her usual drink of choice.

Moon Maiden chuckles. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do but you might like it." She slides a business card from a small pouch hooked to her armor. "Here. I'm sure you could find the same information in a database somewhere but if you find out anything about these murders… and there have been three now… please contact me, Agent…?"

She looks at the tea once more and she tucks the bottle under her arm so she can take the card being offered. She reads it quickly "Thanks." she sticks it in her pocket and pulls out on of her own cards "Moonstar." she hands her own card over, "Off the clock everyone calls me Dani." her head cants slightly to the side "Is that an official request for SHIELD involvment?

Moon Maiden takes the card. "Moon Maiden. Moonstar. I like the synergy here." She can't help but smile. The card is tucked away. "I realize there are a lot of turf wars out there. SHIELD is often looked on badly by local police departments and federal agents." She pauses. "And Checkmate." Yes. She knows about that little black ops group. "But I don't care who stops this killer so long as lives are saved and it is done without hurting more people."

She grins as the similiarty in names is pointed out "Maybe its a sign." there is a hint of jest in her tone before it turns serious "Yes, they don't like us running rough shod over them. While these murders are gruesome and awful, they aren't a global threat so SHIELD has kept thier hands off…more or less.

"On the other hand, you collect information the way some people collect ceramic figurines." Moon Maiden points out. "Perhaps you'll find something that can help and pass it along. If you do, Agent Moonstar, I'd appreciate it." She rises slowly into the air, the basket full of goodies hovering next to her. "If you'll excuse me, I'll let you get back to your stakeout while I take the rest of this food to the local shelter."

A laugh comes from Dani at the compasarion "I'll see what I can do." with the woman floating off she heads back up to the fire escape to her windowsill perch of the alley.

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