(2014-03-24) Bouncer Wanted
Bouncer Wanted
Summary: Marko comes looking for a job
Date: 2014-03-24
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==[ Voodoo Lounge — Greenwich Village ]==

One must descend a flight of black slate stairs flanked by walls papered in rock concert programs before discovering…

This is no ordinary urban mecca. This is no sports bar, no yuppie hipster watering hole. This… is the famed Voodoo Lounge.The lights are recessed into the wall, and of a golden hue, dimmed low enough that one can see where one is going, but still be able to consider the atmosphere intimate. People more than a dozen feet away will appear as mere shadows until one is right up on them. The walls are paneled in mahogany wood. The bar, that travels down the left side of the room is teak with a black marble top, polished to a fare-thee-well. Taps are visible just past the lip of the countertop. There's a recess in it so that a bartender can slide drinks to the waiting patrons. Behind the bar, the expected mirror — this one beveled on the edges. Glasses and more elaborate drinkware hangs upside down from a wooden rack above.

The barstools appear to be leather and wood, but they are reinforced to handle patrons of superhuman size. The floor is carpeted in plush brown carpet, thick enough to sink into, though nothing seems to ever reach it if anything is spilled. There are cozy tables and booths clustered at the front and back of the room. A long, thickly stuffed leather sofa, also in brown, is along the entire front wall and side wall. A hidden moving light casts random shapes and sigils around the room in muted hues — slowly enough so it's ambience-enhancing rather than disorienting. Potted palms flank the door and stand in the corners. There are hanging plants above the tables, leaves dripping lazily down toward the floor, but not enough to impede anyone there. Carefully hidden speakers pipe music into the room that varies from the contemporary to the exotic. There is no television behind the bar. The back wall has a floor-to-ceiling fountain that trickles away serenely. A few feet in front of the back wall is a modest stage, also set with small tables if there's no one performing.The entire vibe is like someone set a bar in a cozy little alcove in some exotic place far removed from New York City.

It's just another day in the Big Apple. Late afternoon finds the bar pretty empty, with just a few customers sitting at the bar enjoying a cold beverage of some sort. Earlier there was a help wanted sign hanging outside the door, but who knows if it is still there. This is New York and the weirdest things tend to grow feet.

Behind the bar is a petite woman, looking to be Indian in appearance. She is filling a stein from one of the taps behind the bar, which she slides down the bar to the person at the end once its full.

The door opens, and a new patron enters. He has to duck to fit through the frame, and turn sideways to accomodate his bulky build. Seven feet tall or so, he's built on a scale that seems inhuman without looking really unatural, each of his fists likely able to wrap all the way around the petite proprietors waist on its own. he's wearing a rather stretched white tee that seems in danger of tearing off of him, and a pair of stretchy jogging pants that are likewise strained, and don't actually go all the way down to his huge feet. Those are in a pair of flip-flops that only cover the bottoms of them partly. Apparently he has trouble finding clothes that fit, or hasn't yet aquired money to pay for them.

He focuses on the bar, spotting the Indian woman, and approaches. Once there he holds up the sign in one hand and says, "Looking for help?" His voice is deep to a point you don't usually hear, a rough uncultured rumble. He attempts to smile, which only helps somewhat in softening his heavy brutish features. He's just naturally built to be threatening.

And incidently, is putting off literally Godlike amounts of magical power.

The bartender puts her hands on the bar, the only thing that keeps her from staggering back as the power washes over her magical senses. Nothing of this is obvious, she has had to learn to keep these reactions hidden, less they give her away. A warm, welcoming smile crosses her face, as if she wasn't attractive enough "One more coming for business instead of pleasure." her gaze takes in the stature, clothes but she seems not to judge him on it "Please have a seat." she waves to a table and begins to move from behind the bar, but not until flipping a switch that changes the lighting and sigils that move around.

The huge redheaded man nods once. "Yeah. Need a little money to hold me over for a bit." He glances dubiously at the stools, and carefully rests his weight partly on one, gradually letting it settle more fully. Once he's entirely supported he lets out a pleased grunt, then rests his arms on the bar in front of him. They take up an astounding amount of space. "Name is Cain. I'm from New York, but I've….been out of town for a few years. So I'm still figuring everyhing out. What kinda positions you need filled? Don't really have any experience bartending."

"And I am Topaz. I am pleased to meet you." she definantly has an accent, not quite indian not quite british. She holds a hand out in greeting, "It would seem you do." she doesn't need empathy to see that is the truth "And perhaps a good tailor. I know a few if you would like." a shake of her head is given "Bartenders are not needed. We need someone to just stand in the corner and look menancing. You are capable of that?" her final question is quite a serious one with no hint of jest.

Leaning forward Cain smiles again. Still a threatening face. "Tailor. Could maybe use one of those. Thanks. Nice meeting you Topaz. Odd name. Pretty though." He glances around the place then says, "I could probably handle some threatening looming. Is the pay any good?" Not that he won't be…supplementing his income with other things. But saying 'Also I plan to rob banks.' in a job interview would be unwise.

She gives a nod at his kind words "Thank you. It's my only name really, Just Topaz." her eyes follow his around the bar "It's comparable with the other bouncers pay in the area. Three nights a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Marko nods his head slightly. "Alright. What's the dress code?" He considers, then smiles again slightly. "And what's the rules on fraternizing with the help?" He gives her a wink. Well, looking like she does it would be a surprise if most of the guy she hires didn't flirt with her eventually. Apparently this guy is getting it out of the way early.

Topaz looks the large man up and down a moment "We have a staff t-shirt. I will have to do a bit of magic to get one your size." the way she says it though makes it sound like she is using it as an expression, even though it will be magic. Now that the man seems more at ease she will start sending out probes of magic sense to see if she can determine the source the the magic she sensed earlier "On the clock it is strictly business. The clock for the bouncer position is nine pm to approximatly 3:30 am. Anytime off the clock is fair game.

Marko nods his head at that. "Alright. Need me to sign anything?" The magic is definetly extra-dimensional. What dimension would probably take more work to figure out. However, the sheer amount of it infusing the big man in the poorly fitting clothes implies it's probably coming from an actual deity, or at least something of a similar level of power. It doesn't seem actively malevolent luckily. "Off the clock. I'll keep that in mind."

She isn't going to push it right now, Topaz will have plenty of time to figure it out once he starts working here "Yes, the standard application." once she learns the basics she will pull her senses in, on the off chance she can be detected "We pay cash, so it is your responsibilty to declare your wages, should you decide to." that part doesn't matter to her apparently. Sliding off the stool she heads behind the bar to get the paperwork, which she will slide over, then she begins to prepare a drink.

Marko drums his overly thick fingers on the counter while he waits, studying the room further. Once Topaz returns he straightens, frowning at the pen provided before picking it up and somewhat awkwardly writing. It doesn't seem to be a matter of not knowing how. Just having a bit of trouble with fine control. Once it's done he puts the pen down. "Thanks. Do I start this week?"

The drink is set in front of Marko, it is one that he would probably order frequently if/when he goes out. She glances at the form and puts it away, to her that's just a formality "Yes. You will be paid at the end of each shift. I'll have shirt for you when you come in on Thursday." she grins "Though shirtless might not be a bad option.

Marko picks up the drink, probably just a beer. He's a pretty simple guy. Taking a sip he nods. "Thursday. Right." The folllow-up comment makes him briefly grin at the Indian magician. "Up to you boss lady….I guess the fraternizing goes both ways huh?" Another wink then he adds, "Hopefully it won't be too distracting having a looker like you behind the bar. Or do you have other bartenders?"

"I have never liked double standards." Topaz fills another couple of beer glasses and delivers them to the customers at the other end of the bar. They were probably nervously eying the large man, but have since stopped since the bartender doesn't seem alarmed "My bouncer turnover has more to do with clientele than with me. We have some," there is a beat "unusual patrons. When we don't have a large crowd I can easily deal with them." she nods at his question "There is another bartender and a few servers as well.

"Mmm. Well, y'know. Always been a believer in womens rights and such." Cain drains off the rest of his beer and sets it down with a sigh, frowning slightly at it. "Have trouble getting even buzzed. Unusual patrons? Hmmf. I'm sure I can handle anything I might need to. I'm stronger'n I look." And since he's already a mountain of muscles…well.

"I would imagine a man of your magnificent stature would need quite a lot of beer just to get a small buzz, let alone drunk." Topaz gestures with her hands "I have something downstairs that should do the trick, if you were up to experimenting." she gives a soft chuckle "I have no doubt of either of those claims, and hopefully you will never need to show me."

Marko raises a brow at 'magnificent stature'. "Well, maybe I could give it a try. I'm not on the clock right now." He raises his titanic bulk up and smiles at her. "Just lead the way boss lady." He gestures, letting her show where to head.

"That is best for when the place is closed." Topaz gestures for him to return to his seat "People's reactions to it vary and I would rather not have customers around." she gestures to the ones at the end of the bar.

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