(2014-02-23) Wherefore Art Thou, Weather Wizard?
Wherefore Art Thou, Weather Wizard?
Summary: Power Woman and Moon Maiden encounter one another flying over Seattle, both looking for Weather Wizard.
Date: 2014-02-23
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For three years now, Laurel the Moon Maiden has been a public hero. With those greyish silver curls a secret identity would be almost impossible. Thus, the twenty-something lunarkinetic has become a full-time superhero. Luckily, her needs are few and she has homes, both here on Earth with her parents and on the Moon in the Lunar Villa of the ancient Roman alchemists who created her.

This day, the Moon Maiden patrols, flying across the skies of Seattle, Washington. While the rain falls it does not touch her but instead, flows around her as if she were surrounded by an invisible forcefield. Moon Maiden searches, seeking signs of evil doing. While rain isn't unusual in Seattle, of course, rumor has it that the Weather Wizard has been active in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle is comfortable, homeward stomping grounds for Karen Starr. It is not the town where she grew up, but it is the nearest large city to that, where her family would often go to find a bit of culture or something else not readily available in their small town. The first glimpses of that now-familiar blonde form, with billowing red cape, white bodysuit, blue boots and gloves were here in Seattle, though they were only glimpses. Nothing at al like the public spectacle of Power Woman in Metropolis. The City of Tomorrow views Power Woman as theirs, and most are convinced that she is a native of their fair city. The truth, of course, is that she couldn't be anything further from that truth.

One advantage of Power Woman's incredible speed of flight is that she can visit home any time she likes. It doesn't have to be specially planned, and she doesn't need to save money for a commercial flight. Of course, she sometimes arranges one for the safety of her civilian identity. But usually she doesn't bother. Karen Starr in and around Seattle is not a celebrity face demanding explanations as to where she has been or how she got there.

After dinner at home, a night visiting with family, Power Woman is patrolling the skies of Seattle herself, at a high enough altitude that she is generally above the clouds. She too has heard rumors that Weather Wizard is operating here, and she hopes to find the truth of that and put a stop to it if he is. This is home, after all.

Power Woman really can't miss the rain-averse form of Moon Maiden in the skies above the city. At first, she merely takes note of the other heroine and continues her own search patterns. But after the third or fourth time that they end up going over the same turf together, she decides to check in. Perhaps together they can accomplish what neither is managing alone. Hence the sudden red, white and blue streak that halts near Moon Maiden, seemingly unperturbed by the rain, though she is not shielded from it. "Neat trick, staying dry like that." she offers, grinning.

There's that brief moment. The muscles tense and the combat senses touch off. An approaching flier. Only two types fly in this world. Heroes… and villains. Fortunately, this won't turn into a battle. Not unless something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

"Power Woman, right?" Laurel says, a smile on her perfect, Roman features. Laurel comes to a halt, hovering some hundred miles or so above the city. "One of the advantages of my armor." Laurel knocks on the metal breastplate she wears. "An alchemical trick courtesy of ancient Rome."

Power Woman nods. "That's me. You're Moon Maiden, if I remember right." Whether or not the two have met in passing at one time or another, they have been brief encounters. No real conversation, probably. Not like this. "I'd heard Weather Wizard might be operating around here, so I was searching for signs of him. I don't suppose you're doing the same?" Whatever Power Woman's costume is made of, that white doesn't go translucent in the rain. Good thing, too.

To the disapointment of fanboys everywhere. And a few fangirls. Laurel turns and peers at the clouds for a moment. "No, no sign of him. This seems to be the regular, everyday sort of rain you'd find in Seattle. I've already checked in with city hall and Starbucks as well as other local companies. No sign that they're being blackmailed. You know, give me ten million dollars or else I'll unleash a tornado on your headquarters. His usual modus operandi."

"Right." Power Woman offers, with a nod. She herself had not yet reached the 'check in with the local companies' stage, because she was sweeping the area looking for other signs and clues. Weather Wizard's manipulations don't function without his tech, so she's been looking for signs of it tonight without much luck. "Well, I hope no one is being blackmailed. I haven't heard any sign of it. Good thought, calling around to ask." It does make her wonder: if Weather Wizard is in the area, what is he doing? This close, she has to wonder about her Fortress. Not that it's presence is public knowledge, but she makes a mental note to fly by and make sure it is safe and secure before flying back to Metropolis. "Are you equally immune to the cold, as you are to the rain itself?"

"Extreme temperatures on both sides of the coin." Laurel explains. She turns, slowly, as she speaks. Her eyes scan the clouds, looking for anomolies in the weather and the horizon, looking for new storm clouds joining the old. "The armor was designed to work like a space suit, actually. Or maybe, given the armor's age, I should say space suits were designed to work like my armor." That seems to make her smile.

"Neat." Power Woman isn't entirely sure she understands all of that, but she's not going to argue. The armor works like a space suit; that's enough for her. She scans the horizon as well, that super vision of hers granting her much greater clarity at incredible distances. But so far, she hasn't spotted anything. "What brought you into the Seattle area? Following a lead on the Wizard? Or something else?" she queries.

"Your eyes glow a little when you do that." Laurel, ever observant, points out. "The telescopic vision, right? I read that interview with Trish Tilby. Very interesting stuff." She doesn't wait, though, but plows on into answering the question she was asked. "Yes, I was following a lead. I've been examining weather patterns. Trying to sort out normal weather, weather altered by climate change, and finally weather that might be affected by artificial means. There's a nice batch of it over Westchester County in New York but the effects are mostly beneficial. But there's been large spots of strange weather in Washington over the last month. Given his past patterns, Seattle makes the most sense as a target. My guess is he's been practicing."

"Yep. I was using X-Ray earlier, sweeping buildings looking for signs of his tech. Nothing, yet." Kara answers, smiling. The interviews with Trish Tilby have gone a long way towards cementing her reputation, especially around the United States, but also around the world. It is a big part of why she has become such a household name. "Sounds like we need a computer model specialist and a meteorologist, to track him down." Of course, Karen Starr could easily do the computer models. But she hasn't the weather science background.

Laurel sighs. "Unfortunately, meterology isn't one of the knowledges the Hundred were well versed in. I've been studying up and I think I've got a nice grasp on it but the complexities of weather system interactions require more indepth study than I've been able to dedicate. It might help to call on the National Weather Service."

Power Woman nods. Time to use all of that goodwill she has been piling up with the authorities, perhaps. Especially if they understand that their assistance can help her, and others, track down someone trying to do harm to their citizens. It's worth an effort. "It might indeed. Probably better to call on them in person, and probably when I'm not quite so soaked. You still keep that website, don't you? For open contact?" Yes, Kara is aware of that site, even if she has never used it herself. She has put together one like that for herself, as well, but she has to be very paranoid about it. She isn't completely public, as a heroine. She has a private, secret life, and she intends to keep it private, and secret. "If I can get them to help, then I can leave you a message, and we can get together to work it out."

"That's a great idea!" Laurel says, full of enthusiasm. "You can contact me there. My dad keeps an eye on the sight and any information of import will be forwarded to me. I'll tell him to watch out for messages from you."

"Alright, then. I'll send the message as soon as I have something to report." The tall blonde Kryptonian flies in very close to Moon Maiden, and whispers in her ear, "You can tell your father that he'll know the message is from me, if it is signed 'k-a-r-a o-f k-r-y-p-t-o-n'." Then she floats back, smiling at the grey-clad heroine. "Fly safe, Moon Maiden. I'll talk to you again soon."

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