(2014-06-17) Blogs and Blueberry Scones
Blogs and Blueberry Scones
Summary: Virgil and Jada meet for the first time, at the Coffee Bean


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Somewhere down the street, there's THREE identical people shopping for clothes. But for the moment, that leaves another three identicals sitting in a coffee shop. They're not really TALKING to each other, but they've got friendly-ish faces at least. Each one has some sort of blended frozen coffee drink at their right hand and they are very rapidly texting away. Indeed, it's almost cacophonous the amount of clicking and tapping sounding off from the phone,"Oh. Em. Gee. Kim's such a trainwreck. Someone get that girl a sense of dig-ni-tay!"

Ah, New York! The big city. Not that Dakota was a small town exactly, but it's certainly not the population hub that the Big Apple is. And being here has extra special meaning for Virgil -- it's his first home away from home, first year at college, and first time for a whole new world of experiences. Like ridiculously overpriced coffee drinks.
It's in search of such that's led Virgil to come here, having done a quick search for places besides the usual big names that have their drink names swapped out with fancy terms and foreign languages. Dressed in a simple sports-team jacket and baggy jeans, the young man opens the door and takes a glance around, taking in the atmosphere. "Hunh. Not bad!" He doesn't realize it, but he's got the same sort of optimistic air that mosts tourists have, just sort of peering this way and that as he makes his way towards the counter. One has to wonder if he's managed to avoid getting mugged thus far.

"Oh em gee! You have to try the mint mocha flip, ell oh ell." The girls all look up as one at Virgil, as it is said, because... well... he looks as new as her to this place. She does try to sound important, though,"You totes look like a tourist!" So does she, of course, but she doesn't KNOW that. "It's to die for, and the blueberry chocolate pastries are craycray good." Yes. All those words DID just come out of her mouth. For some reason, the girl has a patch on her shirt that says #3. The others also have patches: #5, and #6.

"Huh?!" Virgil looks over as the girls with a -- unique hairstyle and number patches call out to him, and he just sort of blinks at them for a moment. Welcome to teenage life in the big city, Virgil Hawkins. It takes another moment to realize they were actaully offering him advice. ....at least, that's what it -sounded- like.
"Oh -- sure! Mint mocha and blueberry chocolate... right! That sounds -- " Turning towards the menu as he starts so step over to the counter... and then pauses. And looks back over. " ...wait. That's blueberries and -- chocolate. Right?" Apparently, this is a combo that Virgil wouldn't have thought possible even in the wild, weird world of coffee, just sort of staring.

#5 hops up from the table to go join Virgil, one hand reaching for a shoulder by which to guide him, and the other pointing,"Right there... that kind of scone-thingy? And there, see that frozen-coffee drink?" She grins as she points them out. There, there, and there. Pause. "I tell you what, give it a try, and if you don't like it, they're on me. And then you can come and sit with me and my... sisters." #3 and #6 look up at this point and wave to Virgil.

Virgil blinks as said delectables are pointed out, but blinks as she offers to comp him if he doesn't like them. "No no, that's okay! I mean, I've got it! I'm sure it'll be great -- " Hooboy. ...wait, did a girl just offer to buy him a drink? Coffee, sure. But technically she's only buying it if -- aaaagh! That would definitely be a case of reading too much into things, he decides. " ...thanks." Yeah, just better leave it at that.
So in due course, with drink and dessert in hand, he makes his way back with #5 over to the table. "So, um anyway... " Okay, maybe if she -didn't- mean anything by it, this still seems kind of awkward. Especially when he takes a closer look and sees pretty much everyone at the table aside from him looks identical. " ...I'm Virgil." Hopefully, introductions will smooth things out a bit.

She pays for it anyway, because as a girl, it's her duty to make this as socially awkward for Virgil as is humanly possible. Yep. All of society's foundations are depending on this! "I got it, don't worry. I get a decent allowance." Right. "Dakota City?" This from looking over his sport's shirt. "So you're as much out of your element as I was when I first got here." Four days ago.
"I'ma Jada. Well. We're all Jada. Parents were kind of silly like that. Um... You can call us JD. Or, you know, by number. Makes it easy on people." She taps the patch with her number. "They're kind of like, proto-hippies or something? I dunno. Anyway, nice to meed you, virgil. What brings you out here?" The other two plop their chin on their hand, elbow on the table, just looking at Virgil. Right.

Okay. So much for things being smoothed out. "No no, I got it, you don't have to -- " Too late. " ...thanks again," Virgil says with a huff, deeply embarassed now. Mission accomplished? And just sort of blinking as he sets his drink and plate down. They're all named Jada? "Nice to meet you Jada, and -- Jada. And Jada." Yeah, this could get confusing quickly. Those number patches sure will help though.
Distracted from that as he glances down at his shirt, grinning embarassedly as he looks up again. Out of his element. "Guess it shows, huh? I'm starting freshmen year over at Empire State." Which would be the overall reason he's here as well -- continuijng education.

#5 seems to be the one designated for talking, but #6 still gets a word in edgewise,"Oh em gee, that is so cool. A college boy! What are you studying, college boy?" All three titter in unison, but otherwise, #3 and #6 go back to playing with their cellphones. Tech-junkies alright.
#5 speaks this time,"We're studying at Xavier's prepatory. We graduate in another year, and then it's off to college! We've got no idea where we're going to go after that. We probably won't split up, but we might try different things for a while. You excited about college?"

Virgil blinks over as two of the three -- including the one who just spoke up -- goes right back to their phones without an answer. o 0 (Wow. And I thought -Sharon- couldn't get off her cellphone.) "Um -- computer science." Although the look he gives to the phones #3 and #6 are buried in implies he's wondering if he made the right choice after all.
Thankfully, #5 at least seems interested in carrying on an actual conversation. "Yeah, I'm pretty psyched! It's a big deal... it's not just college, it's my first time away from home. ...man, that sounded a lot less lame in my head." Ducking said head now, and busying himself by taking a big sip of the mint mocha flip. " . . . !" And another. "Whoa... !"

#5 waves her hand at the other two,"Ignore them. They have limited attention span right now. They're racing to see who can beat Plants Vs. Zombies 2 first." In reality, she's still geting the hang of social situations with MULTIPLE bodies and someone who doesn't know what she is. She actually giggles,"Oh, wow! Computer science! I wanna do the professor-thingy, myself, FOR computers. And maybe engineering. But one thing at a time. That is so cool of you!"
"Hey, it's MY first time away from home. My mom and dad, they homeschooled me most of my life up until now. I've been here, like, four or five days. All of us, really. Our oldest sister, she's not here right now, she had an accident and she's still recovering, so we sort of needed a change of pace." She claps her hands together happily at the sight of the boy enjoying his drink.

"Mmf -- I'm sorry. About your sister, I mean." Virgil manages to stop scarfing down said drink to look sympathetically at #5. A bit surprised though, as the reveals they've only been here about four days. "You seem to have gotten the hang of this place pretty quickly. I would have thought you'd have been around for awhile." Maybe she's just a big-city girl from a -different- big city.
He grins though, when she reveals her choice of study. "Cool! If you ever end up building your own computer, I'll help you program it! That way I can pay you back for today." Which brings him to the other half of his course. Still looking a bit dubious as he takes a bite of the pastry. *chew chew* " ...hm." Blueberries and chocolate. " ...you know... this... isn't that bad. In fact -- " Taking another bite, chewing with a surprised look now. " ...it's pretty good!"

The girl actually sniffles momentarily... then waves her hand in a dismissive motion,"No. No, don't worry. She got the help shee needed, and the medicine around here, the doctors? They're great. She doesn't even have phantom pains anymore." She can still, even now, remember the pain though. Every moment of it, and it causes a disturbed look in her eyes.
#5 shrugs it all away again, a toothy grin escaping her when he shows that he enjoys his food,"Oh, yay! I'm glad you like it! I'm practically in love with it. Anyway, give me your contact info and we'll call it even. I haven't met many people yet, since moving up here. I'm from Baton Rouge. It's sort of the Louisiana capital. This is... um... Like a larger sized version I guess? I guess that's why I got the hang?" Mostly, she's just curious.

Phantom pain? Oh man. Virgil's no medic, but he's dealt with enough injuries in his time to get an idea of just how serious -that- must be, wincing a bit as he swallows his mouthful down and reaches for his mocha instead. Seeming relieved when #5 mmoves the conversation on -- but nearly chokes on his drink when it moves on to getting his digits. "You -- what? Er -- sure!" Eeeeasy, Virgil. A girl asking for your number really isn't a big deal these days... right? But figuring he might as well do the same, reaching for his cell -- one of those little flip models still, tsk. Those smartphones would probably smoke it, but hey, it works.

Virgil will receive NO relief from the identical three girls sitting next to him. Nope! #5 (as per the patch each of them wears), begins to type on her phone, clearly trying to make a contact-tab for Virgil,"I'll totes text you sometime and we can hang out when I'm in the city. I actually just live RIGHT outside New York. Salem Center? Eh, doesn't matter." Typetypetypetype. "Oh, you have a flip phone! It's cute! Those are like, so hard to find these days, but they're SUPER-convenient. That is sooo cool." She thinks Virgil has retro-fashion.

So he's impressed her. ...sorta. Yay? "Um.. thanks." Virgil decides not to take personal -- or at least -try- not to -- as he takes long enough to take down her number as well, though unlike her he'll just save it in the phone memory and work on an actual contact tab later. Slacker. "And hey, I -- oops, hold that thought!" *chime!* Well, at least his phone can receive texts -- it's not -that- retro, thankfully.
Virgil blinks though as he opens and read said texts, scanning it for a second... not quite able to hide a look of alarm before quickly snapping his phone closed. "Um -- sorry, I gotta jet. Something's kind of -- anyway, I'll catch you later, okay?" Quickly coming to his feet and hurrying for the door -- then pauses. Quick-stepping back over and snatching up the rest of his scone, cramming it into his mouth as he hurries back for the door. Just couldn't make himself leave it behind.

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