(2014-05-30) Welcome to the Club
Welcome to the Club
Summary: Hellstorm welcomes Zatanna to the position of the Black Queen
Date: 2014-05-30


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Hellstorm, Zatanna

-----==[ Black King's Office - Hellfire Club ]==------------------------------

The office seems Victorian in it's decor. It takes a moment before the realization that everything in here is real. The large desk is made of a dark oak and stands just in front of several large windows. A grand, leather covered chair sits behind the desk. Two comfortable leather covered chairs face the desk on the other side. The vast windows are often covered with deep red drapes that can block out all of the outside light.

On either side of the door leading to the outer office is a large dark oak bookcase filled with various books in all shapes and sizes. A decent sized wet bar is against the other wall. The floor is carpeted with a thick red carpet emblazoned with the symbol of the Hellfire Club. To one side of the room, a black leather couch rests against the wall and about the room are rich dark paintings.


Having been away on magical/demonic/personal business, Hellstorm, the Black King, was not directly involved in the appointment of the Black Queen. Now, returned from else-dimension, he sent an invitation to Zee to join him so that they may speak. Within the office he tries to acclimate himself to the shuttered environment while reading a book.

Presently, Hellstorm wears the Victorian era style of garb. Frilly shirt, riding pants, and long coat. All black, representative of his position.

Zatanna Zatara doesn't enter. She appears. Arcane portal shimmering open to allow long fishnetted legs to step in and carry the sorceress forward and into the room. The portal closing behind her. "Damion." Her voice light and friendly. "How was your trip? I see no singes.. no smell of brimstone.. so.. I imagine it was positive?" She walks over and perches herself on the edge of his desk, settling right leg over left.

The corners of his mouth curl ever so slightly as his eyes rise from his book. "Productive.", comes his answer before he closes the book and begins to stand. "I see you moved up in the ranks while I was gone. Is it everything I promised?"

She will likely note the powerful artifact (keystone) sitting on the bookshelf as a book stand. Ready for her retrieval.

Zatanna Zatara's foot bobs lightly as she listens, perched there on the desk corner. "Productive is a good thing. I'd have hated to think you wasted your time.." Amused. "Oh it is quite what I expected, Damion. I got what I wanted. And more."

Slipping off the desk she walks over and fetches the keystone. Removing her top hat, the artifact is placed inside and the hat returned to her head as if the key were placed somewhere else and not there anymore. She slinks back over. "Do you wish to brag about your successful venture?"

Though his smile widens as he moves around the desk and closer to her, he shakes his head in denial. "No my dear. Suffice it to say that we both got what we wanted. Now. Shall we seal the conclusion of our contract with a kiss in the hopes of our further ventures be equally as productive?"

Zatanna Zatara looks up at him with a coy smile. "You can't blame a girl for trying. After all... what would a .. royal court be.. without intrigue between its king and queen?" She doesn't shy away as he approaches. "Mmm.. let's." And she steps up to him, hands on his shoulders, a sly smile on her glossy red lips.

His hands are placed upon her hips, pulls her to his chest and meets his lips to hers.

The kiss is intimate but kept to nothing more than just a kiss. To him it's symbolic and fully within his nature. Once it is done, he breaks away and states, "Now, onto business."

Zatanna Zatara kisses him back freely. There is no hesitation or resistance. Her hair smells of jasmine. Stepping back she looks amused, "Finally.." tone playful. "What is it that you care to discuss... my king."

Moving back around the desk, Hellstorm returns to his high backed leather chair and takes a seat. Leaning back he begins to state, "Typically this organization is all about consumption, control, acquisition, and power. I see nothing at all wrong with that. However, you and I typically have our own agendas when it comes to the definition of said verbs. We desire a different sort of fare. We desire things within the magical realms. So let it be known that I have no intention of stepping on your toes, crossing your boundaries, or finding myself at odds with you. You are for all intents and purposes, my queen. And in that regard, I desire to work with you in such ventures. Is this agreeable to you?"

Zatanna Zatara watches him settle in. She returns to her place atop the edge of his desk, idly trailing fingers across its rich wooden surface as he talks and lays out his.. mission statement. As it were.

Smiling, the brunette nods. Removing her hat and setting it on the desk as she considers his view of their arrangement and nods, "We share similar opinions, Damion. I see no reason to argue the fine points. Cooperation is in the interest of both of us. You know as well as I that power here comes with paranoia and a target upon our backs by those seeking to slip in and usurp our positions and influence." She grins coyly. "And I like the perks that come with being your queen. So how could I refuse such a generous and fair offer of alliance?"

"Then it is settled. We have a new contract." he states considering the topic closed and will gladly move onto the next. "How are you getting along with the White Queen? Is she treating you well, with the proper respects, or has she tried to manipulate you yet?"

Zatanna Zatara smiles. Working with him is quite easy. A man to the point of his endeavors. She is pleased. Namely that the little enchantment traced into the top of his desk was not noticed. She shakes her head, "The immaculate and breath taking Ms. Frost has been very accommodating. She was quite.. thorough in the inverview and.. audition for my new.. duties. As I expected from her."

"In the past there was always contention between the ranks of equal footing. Black Queen vs White Queen, or even Red Queen. I'm sure that will always be an issue between women, but as long as there is gain for all involved, then there won't be too much strife.", Hellstorm reflects.

In a closing fashion, he asks, "Is there anything you wish to discuss? Topics which need addressing or goals to set?"

Zatanna Zatara smiles. "I have no quarrel with Emma. She is withdrawn and manipulative. But she knows better than to try and wander around within the mind of a sorceress. I'd turn her into a bunny and give her a gift to a child." The tone amused and relaxed. "I've no doubt we can and will work toward the betterment of the Circle's power and influences and keep differences to the side."

Considering for a moment, she shakes her head. "For now I have nothing other to discuss."

"Then, welcome to the inner circle and the position of Black Queen. It is an honor to share these halls with you. Now, if you would excuse me. I have to talk to a demon about a horse."

Zatanna Zatara smiles and dips her head. Taking her tophat she rises off the desk and turns, slipping out as she is dismissed. As she slips out the door, fingers trail along the door frame, prolonging the leaving process before she is finally gone.

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