Hakeem Alston
Name: Kyani Kohana
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 21
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Messenger
Team: Outsiders
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Speedster
Portrayed by: Hakeem Alston

Kyani was born on June 18, 1993 in New York City, New York. His mother a renowned scientist and his father a lawyer. Both really weren't in the mindset to have more then what they did have and when it was found out that Heather, Kyani's mother was pregnant, the two decided to call things off. Heather wasn't ready to be a mother, so she carried her child and once Kyani was born, she named him and gave him up for adoption.

Growing up in an orphanage within the city, it was funded by the city and had a good record of children being placed in homes. Kyani was one of the few who didn't get placed, regardless of how good he acted or how the orphanage wanted him to be, he just was never accepted. Not really caring anymore, Kyani saw himself getting into trouble more often than not. It was to the point where one of the only people who really cared about what happened to him, Mr. Jones, pretty much gut checked him and told him he has a lot more going for him.

But after getting involved in a theft, Kyani was caught stealing from a Sears Department store. Mr. Jones signed off on Kyani going to a juvenile center. Lucky for Kyani he was still a minor and his stay at the juvenile center wasn't long, just a year. But still it was enough to get Kyani to think for a change. While in the juvenile center he got involved in a few work programs as well as began learning how to draw from one of the guards who worked there.

He was 17yrs old when he got out of juvie. But when he got out, he was of a different mind, he wanted to do more and actually in a way felt hopeful. Talking with some of the kids his own age while in there and asking why some did what they did especially during their group sessions, he saw that none didn't care about law, some were bored. He was one of few who didn't have family which was why they've done what they've done.

Kyani was able to finish school, even going the extra route of doing summer school just so that he could graduate on time. He didn't want to be held back, nor did he want his past mistakes to derail him from possibly doing something with his life. During the course of trying to graduate, he found a group who were heavily into parkour which surprisingly he found that he was really into once he started doing it. So along with school, he also did this.

Kyani graduated on time, surprisingly. His grades weren't the greatest, but he proved to himself, that he was able to succeed. Even if he didn't have parents, and that he wouldn't use that as an excuse to hold himself back.

Shortly after graduating, Kyani got a job with a pharmaceutical company as a janitor, he also had a second job as a messenger. Which some of the packages he delivered were to the pharmaceutical company. It was a year later when his world turned upside down and started him on the path he walks.


Two weeks after Kyani turned 19, he was out on the roof enjoying his break. It was about 3am, and he was eating some pizza and watching as a storm was about to roll into the city. It hadn't started to rain yet, but it was started to get cooler and the wind picked up. The sound of thunder could be heard. He got a call on his walkie to check the lobby and make sure everything was locked down. It was one of the security guards that worked the building at night. Both were good friends and Kyani didn't have a problem helping out.

Having gone downstairs to help check the doors, that it began to rain. Kyani saw an elderly woman trying to get the door to her car open but with the wind and now rain. She wasn't successful. So he quickly ran over to help her, this was also around the same time that lightning was crackling overhead. Kyani was able to help the woman, but as she left and he started towards the building that lightning struck out near the metal lamp post near the building. He stepped right into a puddle and the lightning arced and hit him full force slamming him into the building.

The alarms went off, but the lightning still continued to hit him he was grounded. Kyani laid there unconscious and convulsing. The head scientist was in the building and was watching outside when Kyani was struck by the lightning. He grabbed a chemical compound and raced downstairs to help him. Arcs of electricity could be seen arcing through his body, the security guard used his cellphone to call 9-1-1. Knowing that he had to somehow help Kyani, the scientist, Dr. Mundy, used his new formula and injected the entire content into Kyani.

Kyani's body went into what Dr. Mundy told the paramedics was hibernation. It slowed is body functions down enough that he would be able to get to the hospital. When he arrived at New York General, Kyani showed to have third degree burns mainly where he was struck by the lightning. His body was still slowed, but the doctors saw that he somehow survived.

While in the hospital and being treated, Kyani lapsed into a coma. It was around this time his birth mother was moved to New York General. During his coma his mother found that he was there and it surprised and worried her. After hearing what happened she been watching over him. During that time she told him who she was mainly due to coma patients are known to remember what was told to them if they were spoken to.

Upon waking up, his mother and him talked. She told him what happened while he was in the hospital and he explained to her the events that got him electrocuted. She then told him who she was, an surprisingly he wasn't upset. Mainly relieved. Soon after he was very hungry and so he ate and ate, and ate and well ate some more. His motabilism was increased dramatically, and during his rehab, it was when he found out more has happened to him.

Not even a day after waking up and him getting on his feet, his world changed. While on the treadmill in rehab, he literally ran out of the hospital and it took him about a fraction of a second to stop and well he was standing at the entrance of Central Park. It's taken him about a year and a half to learn to control and learn his new powers as well as his limitations, and now he sees a future for himself.

IC Events

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