Kid Omega
Kid Omega
Robert Pattinson
Name: Quentin Quire
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: San Francisco
Age: 21
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Rich Layabout
Team: N/A
Alignment: Neutral
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Telepathy and Telekinesis
Portrayed by: Robert Pattinson

Quentin Quire was raised in San Francisco, California. His parents were independently wealthy, from his father's interests in shipping and lumber to his mother's place as an heiress of one of the world's most prominent vintners. By all accounts, much of Quentin's childhood reflected those blessings. Quentin was gentle, even tempered and obedient. Sometimes he was prone to shyness, often caught daydreaming, imagining worlds other than this. A voracious reader, Quentin proved to be a more than adept student. His schoolwork never failed to impress, and he was at the top of the class in every prep school and private academy he attended. He got picked on a bit as a nerd, his shy nature and gentle demeanor making him something of a target. But the love of his parents and the grounding he got in tolerance and understanding helped him withstand and never sink so low as they did. He was better than that. Sticks and stones. As he got through high school, he almost regretted graduation, knowing he'd have to leave his parents house for college. Berkeley wasn't that far away, but what would he do without their support?

And then his powers kicked in.

When the Judgment ended, 17 year old Quentin learned some hard truths very fast. Even as his already impressive intellect blossomed, grew and exploded, vast psychic powers expanded his consciousness and, most importantly, gave him a view he'd never had, into the secret thoughts of those around him. The girls who wanted him for his money, the boys who wanted him for his money. The teachers he'd thought of as mentors who only cared enough to get in his parent's good graces. The shallow lives of the men and women in his affluent neighborhood, all their petty miseries and betrayals and perversions laid out for him to see, to feel. Worst of all, of course, were his parents. He could delve into their minds fully, finding the infidelities, the lies. The times his father slapped his mother around. The times his mother comforted herself with a snort of cocaine and a strange man at a hotel bar. And him: a trophy, a possession, something to brag about to their friends and show off. Love? They were barely capable, the artifice of their perfect lives just that. Quentin felt sick. He felt angry.

And he did something about it.

With his every value, every basis for his way of life, undermined, Quentin blew it all up. Embracing a "Do As Thou Wilt" philosophy, he dropped out of high school halfway through his senior year. When his parents objected, he casually twisted their mind intot signing over their fortune to him and taking a long and permanent retirement to the Mediterranean. He didn't need to see them anymore. Legally emancipated and financially empowered with vast wealth, he changed his image quickly. Hair dyed and shaved, skin tattooed, body pierced. He felt every urge he had to rebel finally bubble to the surface and, like most teenagers, he probably overdid it. But overdoing it was also kind of the point.

After spending a few months tormenting his ex-bullies, making their lives a living hell in untraceable ways, though, the hyperintelligent boy began to get bored…and to wonder if he shouldn't find something worthwhile to do.

Leaving behind the West Coast, he's resettled in New York, and has quickly become a fixture on the Upper East Side social scene. He gets trailed by paparazzi and gossiped about in columns and he's found he quite likes the attention. He's also started to dabble in superheroism. What are villains, after all, but just a pack of superpowered bullies, shaking down the weak? Quentin humiliates people, sure, but he does it to the deserving and the strong. He's opened up his own nightclub, wealth fast-tracking the necessary licensing and, as time goes on, is assembling a clique of like-minded metahumans, people who recognize that doing the right thing doesn't always have to mean being a boy scout.

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