Lily Cole
Name: Katheryn Megan Kelly
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Australia
Age: 18
Aliases: {$alias}
Origin: Altered Human
Present Location: East Coast
Occupation: Vacations
Team: {$team}
Alignment: Heroine
Significant Other(s): {$so}
Powers and Abilities: Machine Connection
Portrayed by: Lily Cole

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_1 Katheryn's Beginning

*1986 - Katheryn is born to the Kelly family, Australian doctors pronounce her underweight, but otherwise healthy. Kath is to have a relatively normal life up until her fourteenth birthday. She has no brothers or sisters.

*2010 - Her 14th birthday, the day powers come back into the world, the light plane she and her father were flying loses control and crashes into bushland, only minor injuries sustained. Kath recieves her pilot's license later that year, though she doesn't remember the flight with her instructor, who noted her as 'a natural'.

*2012 - Family writes off several vehicles for insurance claims, each car Katheryn is a passenger, each accident can only be explained as 'Unexplained loss of control'. Mother comes to believe Kath is cursed, becomes distant, father gives up driving.

*2014 - Katheryn lands in Los Angeles after a miraculous flight from Sydney, where the plane hit unforseen turbulance and all pilots and co-pilots were knocked out… plane is said to land on autopilot, though not one of the pilots can suggest who set the final coordinates for landing. Several passengers sustained injuries, Katheryn is one of them and was knocked out during turbulance.

IC Events

Kelly' Logs

(2014-08-31) A Walk in the Park
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(2014-07-28) Red, White and Blue
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(2014-07-16) Ants in the Pantry
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(2014-07-03) Metallo 2
title: 'Metallo 2' summary: 'Metallo breaks into a manufacturing firm to acquire a device which...


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