July Logs

A new month and a new theme! Need help coming up with a start for your scene? Then just grab hold of this month's official MUX-wide theme. The nuclear disaster in Japan following the horrible tsunami there has given birth to consequences only now being felt! Weather patterns, the winds and the tides have carried radiation from the destroyed nuclear power plants all over the world. Insects seem particularly vunerable! As a result, reports of giant bugs have been reported all over the world!

  • Want to fight a pack of giant ants, each the size of a horse? Go for it!
  • Is a beetle the size of a minivan knocking over buildings in a small town? Take care of it!
  • What do thousands of mosquitoes do when each is the size of a doberman? Find out!

As always, we beg that you post any logs played using this months theme to our wiki! If you have questions, ask Winsome.

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