Name: Cain Marko
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: {$birth}
Age: {$age}
Aliases: The Unstoppable Juggernaut
Origin: Mystic
Present Location: New York
Occupation: Criminal and Mercenary
Team: None
Alignment: Villain
Significant Other(s): {$so}
Powers and Abilities: Mystic Brick
Portrayed by: {$actor}

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_1 Red Rage: The Beginning

1.Cain Marko is the son of Dr. Kurt Marko and his wife.
2. At age three his mother died, leaving Kurt the sole parent. He quickly resorted to abuse in his upbringing, regularly beating the boy.
Eventually Kurt married the widow of his colleague Dr. Brian Xavier. This angered Cain, who was forced to leave behind the friends he had made and had no desire to move into the Xavier's home. After another beating, he was sent to boarding school. Sometime during the period he was away, Sharon Xavier-Marko died.
3. Lashing out at others like his father lashed out at him, Cain became a bully. He picked on other students and eventually was expelled. Kurt was forced to take him back in and have him live at the Xavier estate.
4. Cain started to be abusive towards Charles immediately, which only grew worse as it became obvious Kurt far preferred the Xavier boy to him.
5. Out of fear for his step-son, Kurt started to take Cain with him on business trips. During one such trip, Cain attempted to blackmail his father with implications that he may have murdered David Xavier. Charles became involved in the argument, and it shifted to a fight. An explosion happened, and Kurt was mortally wounded before carrying the boys to safety.
6. Their relationship became even more strained as the years passed, with Charles excelling in academics and spots due to his hidden powers, and Cain excelling in nothing. It came to a head when the elder step-brother broke Charles trophies and attacked him, quickly being beaten by the telepath. They parted ways soon after.
7. It was years later that they reunited, fighting in the same war. His fear causing him to desert, Cain fled the battlefield , followed by Charles, who wanted to stop him from disgracing himself. They accidently discovered an ancient abandoned Temple to Cyttorak, and it was there that Cain picked up the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. The power of it infused him, and at the same time the enemy forces started to shell them, causing the temple to crumble, and Charles barely escaped, not knowing whether his step-brother had escaped or died in the collapse. 8. Now an unstoppable Juggernaut, Cain did neither, and spent the next ten years digging his way free of the rubble, driven by hate for Charles and a desire for vengeance. He immediately made his way to America one he was out.
9. He's somehow managed to keep a low profile despite everything, and has attempted to locate where Charles actually is right now. He's discovered that his brother is currently abroad for some reason, probably recruiting though Cain has no way of knowing that, and is waiting for him to return. He's gradually getting tired of the waiting, and thinking more about the possibilities of what he could do with his power. Like many less than genius bullies granted amazing abilities he's thinking of trying his hand at less legal endeavors, whether renting his skills out as a mercenary or outright stealing. No doubt it's going to go well for him in a world with so many Supers.

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