Jack of Hearts
Jack of Hearts
Cary Elwes
Name: Jonathan Hart
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Connecticut
Age: 30
Aliases: Jack
Origin: Altered Alien/Human Hybrid
Present Location: Metropolis
Occupation: Adventurer
Team: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Romantic
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Zero-Energy Manipulation
Portrayed by: Cary Elwes

The Cards You're Dealt

Jonathan Hart was born to a human scientist by the name of Philip Hart, and an alien woman from the planet Contraxia. Growing up in Haven Connecticut, Jonathan (Jack to his friends) had no knowledge of his half-alien heritage (his mother was a scientist sent to observe Philip Hart’s work). Jack’s life as a child was carefree and indulgent — he excelled in school, however, and majored in English and French literature. He loved his books. The only thing for which Jack was more popularly known, was his womanising.

His father, a brilliant man, was working on a new fuel-source that promised to be miraculously efficient (so efficient, that alien races had taken an interest in it). Doctor Hart had intended to make the fuel readily available to the world, but the Corporation sponsoring his efforts insisted he help them make a fortune in money. Doctor Hart refused — and he was assassinated for it. Jack hid in the laboratory to escape death himself, but the assassin’s laser cannon ruptured the vat of “zero fluid”, dousing the youth in the liquid. Jack absorbed it all. He began to glow, and in an outburst of grief and rage he vaporised his father’s assassins. After that, armed with his newfound powers, he went on a crusade of vengeance against the corporation.

The Hand You Play

Calling himself ‘Jack of Hearts’ (as a tribute to his father’s love of playing cards), Jack’s one-man crusade brought him into contact with other heroes, who intervened and helped him cope with the pain. After complying with them — and giving up revenge as a motivation — Jack realised the energies within him were growing well past the point of his being able to control them. He left for deep-space (able to survive in the cold vacuum due to this powers) and sought out other help.

In space, Jack encountered an alien capable of fashioning armour specifically designed to the contain the unstable energies that Jack continually produced. Exposure to a ‘Scanalyzer’ (powered by an Symbiot Energy Sump Device), around the same time, altered his encephalitic patterns to store data like a computer. With the new armour (psychically controlled), he found himself able to use his powers far more effectively (with even some more passive applications, thanks to the Scanalyzer), and actually accomplish some good in the galaxy. He also found that he could never take the armour off, not without dying (and killing most things around him). Jack’s travels led him to the homeworld of his mother: Contraxia, where, for the first time, he was able to learn something of his alien heritage.

Cash in Your Chips

Jack might never have returned home but for the judgement of the Spectre — robbing all meta-humans (including himself). He was on Contraxia when the ‘Day of Judgement’ occurred (and he heard of it), but found himself (as part-alien) unable to influence the world during that time. Distraught, Jack returned to deep space — visiting again several times, trying to ‘break through’ the Spectre’s judgement. It was to no avail.

In the Earth-year 2009, the Spectre finally relented, and once allowed super-powered beings to influence Earth’s development. Jack could have returned at this point, but affairs in the galaxy kept him away (as opposed to the Spectre’s prevention of his return). It would be a few more years before he would be able to come back…

…and once home, he has no intention of leaving again for a long time.

IC Events

Jack of Heart's Logs

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