Iron Man
Iron Man
Robert Downey, Jr.
Name: Anthony Edward Stark
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: {$birth}
Age: 30
Aliases: Iron Man
Origin: Power Suit
Present Location: New York
Occupation: Hero, CEO
Team: Justice League
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): {$so}
Powers and Abilities: Power Suit
Portrayed by: Robert Downey, Jr.

Genius, from birth. Has always been ahead of his class. Graduated with a double doctorate from MIT before his 18th birthday. Went into seclusion after his parents died in a car accident and emerged almost from nowhere after his twenty first birthday to be named CEO of Stark Industries as well as their head developer. Guided the company into a golden age of profit and weapons innovation for the next decade and change. Was taken captive when his convoy was attacked while in a middle eastern country, was also critically injured in that attack. Devised miniature arc reactor from missile parts to power the electromagnet that kept the shrapnel in his chest from entering his heart. Also used the same arc reactor to power the weapon he devised to escape. Was rescued a short time later and returned home. Perfected the weapon he used to escape, as well as the arc reactor he uses. Was turned upon by his father's long-time business partner and mentor, Obediah Stane, who literally stole Tony's arc reactor and armor designs to build his own weapon. Tony battled Stane outside and atop the Stark Industries building and prevailed, but at the cost of Stane's life. At the press conference following the battle, to address the issue of what was being termed as Iron Man, Tony shocked the world by revealing that he himself was Iron Man. Tony Stark has just taken a small step into a much larger universe.

IC Events

Iron Man's Logs

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