Angie Varona
Name: Metropolis/Brainiac-8
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Krypton
Age: 379
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: Spirit/Artificial Intelligence
Present Location: Metropolis
Occupation: Spirit of Metropolis
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Technopathy
Portrayed by: Angie Varona

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_1 Spirit of Krypton
Before the destruction of Krypton the planetary-wide central supercomputer, Brainiac, detected the planet's demise. Determining that the survival of Krypton's knowledge was more important than the survival of the planet's people, Brainiac uploaded itself into an satellite that eventually became a spacecraft. Then Brainiac began a new mission. It moved from world to world, collecting all of a world's available information and then destroying the planet so that the information would be that much more valuable.

Brainiac eventually came to Earth and attempted to assimilate the knowledge of the planet, beginning with the city of Metropolis. This time, however, a champion stood ready to stop Brainiac. Kara Zor-L, also known as Power Woman, was among the last of the Kryptonians and she battled the artificial intelligence with both cunning and ferocity. In the end, Brainiac was seemingly destroyed and the technology of it's spacecraft somehow merged with Metropolis, turning it into a true city of tomorrow full of flying cars and repair drones, matter replicators and holographic interfaces.

Of course, a copy of Brainiac's core programming survived, deep inside that technology. It began to replicate and grow, intending to once more resume it's mission. But something strange happened. As all mystics know, every city has a spirit. These magical entities are spiritual representations of the city as an ecosystem that includes the buildings and streets, people and culture. Metropolis is no exception. City spirits are mutable things that change as the city changes. However, the change brought by Metropolis's merger with the Brainiac technology happened in mere moments. The spirit of Metropolis was confused by the sudden change and sought some form of equilibrium and sanity. What it found was the Brainiac code. The two came together in a fusion of the mystical and the technological and created a new form of city spirit; one as much science as it was magic.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_4 Spirit of Metropolis
Since that day, the spirit of Metropolis has been learning more about her new nature. To help with that, she has begun sending out an avatar built from the technology of the city itself. Essentially a robot, this blue skinned humanoid female has been seen in various areas of Metropolis. In her first appearance she was confused with a local ghost legend - the legendary Indigo Lady of Metropolis Harbor. The name Indigo Lady… or just Indigo, has stuck.

IC Events

Indigo's Logs

(2014-06-11) Shuma Gorath Visits Metropolis
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(2014-06-01) The Indigo Lady Appears
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