Idling (staying connected via pinger/timer) is an acceptable practice. Just make sure you list that you are AFK or inactive by typing +idle/on or list it in your @doing so someone won't page you thinking you're active and just ignoring them.

Approved characters may only show idle (having not logged in) for up to

thirty (30) days. After that, FCs will be returned to the +roster and OCs will be @nuked.

Unapproved characters only show idle (having not logged in) for up to seven (7) days will be recycled without notice.

Progress must be shown in the CHARGEN process. If progress is not made, within a 7 day period, the character will be recycled.

Players have 14 days to submit their application for approval. If you are unable to complete your application in 14 days the character will be returned to the +roster. See Extensions below for additional details.

Extensions in the application process do not alter the idle rules. You still have to be logging the character in to avoid being idle nuked. Be sure you have a decompile of your character before you log off so you do not lose all your hard work.

Additionally, the player who was applying for said character cannot re-create the same character for another two weeks.

Unapproved characters that do not complete the first Character Generation (Physical Profile) may only idle for three (3) days before they are re +rostered without notice. There will be no extensions.

If you wish to be emailed prior to your character being returned to the +roster or @nuked, supply us with your email address. To do this, see +help +finger-setup.

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