Zero Deaths
A Pall Over NYC
Overview: Conspiracy - death suspended for an hour in NYC
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.

09-05-2014 Rumor mills around the internet suggest a conspiracy theory that death was staved for an hour in Manhattan on Friday, September 5th. No official confirmation that no one died or not in this hour, rumors suggested people wounded in a couple incidents that should have been dead on the scene that didn’t die until after the hour was up. Coupled with strange smartphone footage of several odd dark clouds over the city, conspiracy theorists alight with a governmental cover up of some new technology that grants immortality to odd mystical signs of end of the world theories. Nothing has been proven either way and it remains, a conspiracy theory. Though, anyone with enough resources (to research all deaths – in a city that has over 100 on any given day) can discover that an entire hour passed in Manhattan with no deaths and there were a few cases in which people should of died but did not.

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