The Un-Dynamic Duo
Bank Heists Foiled
Overview: Shade and Neutron stopped by Stargirl, Jack Flag, and Cascade.
OOC Contact: Jack Flag.

09-04-2014 A fight broke out near the Federal Reserve in Lower Manhattan when two villains, known as the Shade and Neutron, were trying to break into the Reserve building. Limited destruction was maintained to Liberty Street where the fight occurred, relative minor damage to city with some damage to vehicles on the street, several destroyed. Apparently the two meta villains had robbed a number of banks that morning as some sort of contest to see who could hit the most banks in a 3 hour time span but came to a halt as they both went for the same target, the Federal Reserve. Three heroes arrived on the scene to battle these menaces. They were Stargirl, Jack Flag and Cascade. Coming in on a wave of water, Cascade managed to cool off the nuclear radiation of Neutron while Stargirls star constructs and beams chased the shadows away from the Shade. Jack Flag seemed to help, a little, somehow.

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