Underground Meta
Under-Underground Fighting Arena
Overview: New underground fighting, this one has demons!
OOC Contact: Hellstrom

For those that are in the know and travel in these circles:

Introducing Mephisticuffs: An underground fight club arena and eatery located beneath Hell's Kitchen. An excellent place to spend an evening if you don't mind a bit of demon underneath your fingernails. It's a place to bring all your friends, sit back, and be entertained by supernatural fights between demons and hellspawn pitted against one another, pitted against humans, and even against metahumans. Where one can wager their life savings and even their immortal soul. Dine on exotic and unique fare from all over the multiverse and beyond. Come one, come all, see the spectacle's beyond imagination.

OOC Note: This location is accessed through the underbelly of Hell's Kitchen. It is located within a pocket dimension and does not have an actual presence within the real world - other than the doorway.

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