United Nations Address
Power Woman Addresses United Nations
Overview: Power Woman talks about her role during Metahuman War at Genosha
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5/20/2014 - Famed superheroine Power Woman addressed the United Nations today regarding her role as an observer during the Metahuman War in which Genosha's government was overthrown by outside forces. We are publishing a portion of Power Woman's speech to the United Nations.

"Madame Secretary General, I apologize for my lateness today; it was unavoidable. I thank you, Ma'am, and everyone present, for making the time to hear me today. As most of you are aware, I made a point of being present in Genosha during a recent event that has seen the displacement and overthrow of the regime which had been in power, and which evidence currently supports was abusing and enslaving its metahuman citizenry. I have personally spoken with the head of the force responsible for this event: a man using the name Magneto. I can assure you that this overthrow, as dangerous as it could have been, was handled in an exceptionally humane manner. Magneto's forces killed no one, and inflicted absolutely minimal injuries, instead disarming, subduing and capturing military forces and those inciting to loot or riot. No one, not even the cabinet ministers and former President, were killed. I have Magneto's personal assurances that he intends to maintain order in a similar manner, and intends to allow UN observers and Red Cross volunteers shortly. He hopes to carry out open elections in twelve months time, and has stated an intention to see the regime put on trial for crimes against their citizens. I understand how difficult and stressful it can be to sit back and wait, when something like this is happening. But I want to assure all of you that I am keeping an eye on this, as are others, and we will make our evidence available to all of you as we have it. I strongly encourage you to seek peaceful and reasoned discourse with this man and those he represents, as I believe he deserves that respect, and will return it. I wish to see this end peacefully and justly, for all concerned."

The Genoshan Ambassador to Russia, the highest ranking member of the former Genoshan government who isn't currently imprisoned called the speech a sham and suggested that Power Woman collaborated with terrorists to perpetrate the overthrow of a sovereign nation.

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