The Cure
Spontaneous Cancer Cure Baffles
Overview: 30 cancer patients in Metropolis spontaneously cured
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6.12.2014 - The spontaneous cure of nearly thirty cancer patients in Metropolis is leaving experts baffled.

"This isn't remission. The cancer was literally expelled from their body through various… umm… means." said Doctor Emil Hamilon of STAR Labs who is working with doctors at Metropolis General on the case.

There is speculation that this might be a side effect of the alien technology that has bonded with Metropolis and upgraded the city into a science fiction marvel.

"We don't completely understand the MetroTech." Hamilton explained, "It filters pollutants from our water, cleans the air of toxins and, for some of our poorest residents, provides basic nutrients through matter replication. It could be this miracle cure has to do with the technology but it is too soon to tell."

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