Terror Twins
Terror Twins Captgured
Overview: Captain America, Marvel Girl and Green Lantern stop Terror Twins Tommy and Tuppance
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5.19.2014 - Tommy and Tuppance Terror, also known as the Terror Twins, were apprehended by members of the newly proclaimed Justice League after attempting to steal technology from the Metropolis branch of STAR Labs. The Terror Twins have recently made headlines for a series of robberies and thrill killings across several southern states. With their tremendous strength and near invulnerability the twins were almost impossible for law enforcement to stop.

Justice League members Captain America and Marvel Girl were assisted by new superhero Green Lantern in stopping the Terror Twins, who were turned over to the custody of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit headed by Captain Maggie Sawyer. STAR Labs has not commented on what the Terror Twins attempted to steal.

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