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Overview: Stryker Video about Justice League trending
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A video is making the rounds in social media of Reverend William Stryker of the National Church of God's Purity.

"Now, let us have a discussion about this new "superhero team". This so-called Justice League. The Word of the LORD has told us the truth! That miracles only come from two sources. They are either the divine will of God Almighty or they are tricks by… the Other guy. Who are the members of this team? Aliens! Pagans! Drunken deviants! Has even one of them claimed the divine providence of the Lord? No! Their powers come from SCIENCE and FALSE GODS.

"The Bible tells us that miracles are the divine will of our Heavenly Father or they are the false providence of Satan. This Justice League's powers do not come from God. They have said so themselves. That leaves only one other option. Make no mistake. They are the Anti-Christ come to use in the form not of a single man but an entire team of Evil. Shun them, my children. Shun them for what they are. MInions of the DEVIL."

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