Straight Talk 2
Straight Talk with GGG
Overview: GGG on the topic of Themyscirian and Genoshan Embassies
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OOC - This is an excerpt from Straight Talk, hosted on the Daily Bugle Communications network.

"Hello, friends. Your old friend G. Gordon here." says the man wih the very impressive haircut and great smile.

"I've been wondering recently about embassies. Two in particular. The Themyscirian Embassy and the Genoshan Embassy."

Pictures of Wonder Woman and Wanda Maximoff appear behind G. Gordon.

"We don't allow the Iranians an embassy, do we? Or the North Koreans? Or the Bialyians? Then why, friends, has our government allowed an isolationist and exclusionary island like Themyscira to have an embassy? Men are apparently not allowed there. Tell me, if an island of white men appeared, proclaimed itself a nation, and said no black women were allowed wouldn't there be an uproar? Wouldn't we sanction them?"

G. Gordon smiles. "Of course we would. As for Genosha, I wonder why we are recognizing a metahuman junta that took over a country using terrorist actions. One that is offering citizenship to metahuman criminals! Of course, we reached out to BOTH embassies to come onto my show and comment but neither one had the guts to come face me in person."

The camera does a close up of G. Gordon. "I don't know about you all, but G. Gordon's going to get out his pen and paper and write a very serious letter to his congressman. I think it is time we let them know we here in America don't appreciate bigots or terrorists on our soil."

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