Straight Talk
Straight Talk
Overview: G. Gorden Godfrey talks about too much power - re: Justice League
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OOC - The following is an excerpt from Straight Talk w/ G. Gordon Godfrey, a political/social commentary show produced and distributed by Daily Bugle Communications via the DBC Network.

G. Gordon Godfrey, a middle aged man with perfectly coifed strawberry hair and an expensive power suit appears in front of a display screen. He speaks with a British accent. Think Tim Curry.

"Hello everybody. Your old pal G. Gordon here. Today, let's talk about our new protectors, the Justice League." G. Gordon does finger quotes when he says the word 'protectors'.

"Yesterday they saved the residents of a little resort island from a nasty old tsunami. That's a good thing! G. Gordon believes in helping his fellow man, after all. Still… one must wonder."

An image pops up of the screen of Moon Maiden hovering in front of a three hundred foot wall of water, arms spread much like Jesus on the cross, as she apparently holds the wave back. "How much power is TOO much power? We've recently seen how metahumans can destabilize a region. By all accounts the new government of Genosha conquered that island with an army of less than fifty. Think about it, friends. Less than fifty metahumans were able to defeat the military forces of an entire nation. Doesn't that scare you? I know it scares good old G. Gordon."

"So, we have to ask ourselves. How much do we trust our new friends the Justice League? How much do we REALLY know about their members?"

Headshots of Power Woman and Moon Maiden pop up on the screen. "There are admitted aliens."

The image switches to that of a headshot of Wonder Woman. "The representative of an exclusionary and bigoted isolationist regime."

Wonder Woman's headshot is replaced with Captain America's. "A man who CLAIMS to be good old Cap back from the dead but where's his proof?"

And finally, Cap's headshot is replaced with a sillouette of a woman's head with a question mark in the middle. "And G. Gordon's special sources tell me one member of the Justice League is an international assassin with literally hundreds of kills to her name. An assassin, I should add, who has worked for America's enemies in the past."

The camera does a close-up of Godfrey.

"Are THESE the people we want to protect us from alien invasions and metahuman criminals? I'm not here to tell you one way or the other. No, good old G. Gordon is just presenting the facts. He believes in you, the people, to decide for yourselves."

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