New StarkPhones Go Flying
Overview: Internet prank gone wrong
OOC Contact: Winsome or Tony Stark

9/26/2014 - When a seemingly legitimate website claimed that the newest StarkPhone model had secret, built in repulsor technology, the same kind of technology that allows Tony Stark's armored alter-ego Iron Man to fly, it seems some people took the prank seriously. The internet buzzed last night with reports from all over the world of StarkPhone users tossing their phones off buildings, throwing them into the air, and otherwise destroying technology worth hundreds of dollars - all because they believed a phone could fly.

A spokesperson for Stark Enterprises has confirmed that there is no repulsor technology built into the latest StarkPhone models, though she did sing about the praises of the phone's new predictive typing algorythm.

OOC: Questions about your broken StarkPhone go to Tony Stark.

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