Stalker Found
Overview: After a brief stalking spree on NYU Campus, Manhattan, a stalker is found dead (
OOC Contact: Ghost Fox or Red Sonja.

09-07-2014 - An NYU campus stalker was found dead after a few weeks of stalking students on campus. The police have no real clues about the circumstance of his death. Aside from some blunt force trauma that wouldn't of been considered deadly force, there are no other clues that have been found, other than he had an expression of fear on his face. This stalker was not a serial killer, yet many would argue his crimes were far worse. That the criminal's rather brief spree of crimes and violence against students and women in particular has ended, the police aren't throwing too many resources at figuring out the cause of death other than what the coroner his indicated. The official report only lists multiple organ/system failure (or those in the medical world would say the proper term is multiple organ dysfunction syndrome), though no suggestion of what lead to this simple term listed as reason for immediate death. The article is not first page, and any followups (if any) will be tucked away deep in the paper (or website).

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