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Spidey on Youtube!
Overview: Trending video of Spider-man
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(Buried in /reddit/justiceporn is a link that points to a youtube vid. The vid is currently trending upwards.)

The video shows a blue and red blur high above as there are screams and things falling from the skies. The camera gets shaky as the person holding it runs. Several I-Beams fall in front of a skyscraper their descent being halted by several weblines as there's a repeated /thwip!/ sound. The camera jounces and then a shot of Spidey standing next to a trapped construction worker as he frantically tries to spin a webshield over the both of them… only for the last I-beam to be shown floating away with Marvel Girl smiling in the background.

The video cuts out then cuts in and it shows an angry crowd menacing Spider-Man, a few things are thrown, there are shouts and a woman in a large double beer-holder with a straw baseball cap rails at him. "He's a thief, I saw him steal food from immigrants!"

Spidey responds, "Wha? He gave me that falafel after I caught those.." And then he pauses and stands up. "Look, I don't have to explain myself to you people. I'm just tryin' to do what I can." There's a pause then he adds, "I mean if I really wanted to be mean I woulda said something about that hat."

The next instant there's a thwip and he swings away.

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