Spidey vs NYPD
NYPD Attacked by Spider-Man
Overview: Masked man and Spider-Man almost apprehended by NYPD
OOC Contact: Spidey or Taskmaster

Across the DBN website, news network, and front page of the bugle there's finally a crystal clear picture of Spider-Man being shown. It depicts Spidey swinging away from a rooftop with some police officers looking disshevelled and ragged but waving after Spider-Man as the masked man departs.

(The website and news article as well as the newscast all present the information along these lines)

Yesterday, responding to a call of shots being fired and a man apparently doing Tai Chi on a rooftop, the NYPD attempted to apprehend a masked man on the roof. Arriving on scene the officers were attacked and restrained when the masked man's accomplice, none other than Spider-Man, arrived. Luckily the city's blue defenders were able to free themselves and chase off the masked villains seen here in the first ever clear picture of Spider-Man. More as we know it.

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