Spidey Defeat
Spider-Man Defeate!
Overview: Spider Man Thwarted trying to steal construction vehicle
OOC Contact: Spidey or Jean

Earlier today the masked villain, Spider-Man, was thwarted in his effort to steal a $200,000 vehicle from a local construction site. The city's worst menace of late was seen absconding with the vehicle and wresting it from the control of the construction worker who was driving it. Luckily for the city an unknown hero was able to stop his rampage using apparently telekinetic powers. This hero was able to save the life of the construction worker as well when he was thrown angrily from the cab of the vehicle by the Spider-Menace
(OOC: The article also includes some rough telephone images of Spider-Man perched atop the cab of the truck. Also a link to the Bugle's youtube account that has a snippet of video showing Spider-Man throwing the worker out of the truck. Questions to Spidey or Jean.)

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