SoHo Demolished
SoHoHomes, Businesses Demolished
Overview: Juggernaut destroys buildings in SoHo - stopped by heroines
OOC Contact: Karen, Laural, Marko or Sally

The one-man wrecking crew known as the Juggernaut, previously seen attempting to hijack an armored car, and then assaulting Themysciran Ambassador Diana, was seen charging through and demolishing two buildings in SoHo. The oversized behemoth's rampage was brought up short by the quick intervention of Power Woman and Moon Maiden. The ladies prevnted further disaster by seizing Juggernaut and carrying him up into the sky, well beyond any witnesses. It is unclear what happened after that, but the two heroines soon returned to the scene of the damage and assisted with putting out fires, rescuing those trapped, and cleaning up in the aftermath. Some witness statements have hinted that a third powered woman may have been present, attempting to disarm the situation before confrontation was necessary, but no identity has been attributed to the 'golden glowing girl' as yet.

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