Science Held Up
Seminar Holdup
Overview: One sentence overview
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A medical science seminar being held at Metropolis University's Bibbo Auditorium was infiltrated by a group of heavily armed men, who stormed the stage just as Doctors Miles Hawkins, John Stonebrake and Amy Ellis took the stage to unveil their LexCorp-sponsored assistive exoskeleton project. The men attempted to hold the auditorium full of students and professionals in medical science and technology hostage whole gathering the exoskeleton project, their apparent goal.

MPD spokeswoman Maggie Sawyer released a statement saying that apparently at least one unidentified metahuman went to great trouble to surreptitiously move about the auditorium and neutralize the gunmen, without serious harm and without any threat to the civilians present. She expressed disappointment that the heroes did not stick around to speak with police, given their excellent job.

LexCorp spokeswoman Mercy Graves released a statement thanking the unidentified metahuman or metahumans responsible for saving the lives and the technology at the seminar, and reaffirming LexCorp's intention to continue backing the assistive exoskeleton project to its future potential.

The gunmen are in MPD custody, and their gear has been turned over to STAR Labs for processing. No word yet on where Power Woman was during this incident.

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