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Overview: Opinion about church and rise of female super heroes
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(From the op-ed page of a midwestern newspaper)

As I sat in church today I was saddened. There were fewer people in the pews receiving the word of God than at any other time in my memory. I am 93 years old.

Upon arriving home from church I, as has been my custom for many decades, ate lunch and read the paper. Today the headlines of my newspaper are dominated by the deeds of these so-called superheroes and I have come to realize they are the heart of our problem.

This Wonder Woman from a nation without men that worships ancient, pagan gods. This Power Woman, wearing tight clothing and flaunting her powers without giving thanks to God for them. This Iron Man, living an open life of sin as he drinks and adulterates. Even Captain America, the hero of my youth, seems touched by the corruption which permeates these modern, Godless heroes.

They have replaced Jesus in the hearts of our young people. Why do children need God when they can worship at the alter of these false idols? My granddaughter tells me she has seen a Church of Superman on the internet. Young people flirting with Satanism in the guise of worshipping these alien beings.

I do not expect I have many years left in this world but I worry. I worry that the world I leave has turned her eyes from God. And I weep.

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