Rampage Stopped
Rampage Stopped
Overview: Solomon Grundy stopped during rampage
OOC Contact: Robin/Richard

5.25.2014 - A creature known as Solomon Grundy went on a rampage in Gotham's diamond district yesterday. He was opposed by three metahumans, though only one is publically known, Supergirl. The other two metahumans were identified as a biker with a flaming skull for a head and someone made out of some sort of living metal.

The three engaged Grundy in battle. The fight ended when a series of cars were smashed on top of Grundy by Supergirl. The flaming biker then melted the cars, seemingly killing Grundy.

Gazette archives mention a Solomon Grundy of similar description as an occasional foe of the original Green Lantern in the 1940s. It is unknown if this is a new Grundy or the same one. A spokesperson for the GCPD said today that while they appreciate the help of Supergirl and the other metahumans in stopping Grundy they do not approve of lethal measures taken by civilian vigilantes.

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