PW Fall
Power Woman Falls?
Overview: After fighting some golden armored robots, Power Woman seen falling?
OOC Contact: Power Woman


Two more of the mysterious golden armored robots much reputed around the world in the past weeks were found in Metropolis yesterday, making a rather stupendous entrance crashing into Gateway Park. Their arrival, however, heralded the immediate reponse of Metropolis' protect, Power Woman. The Woman of Steel quickly set upon the armored attackers, giving them no time to make good on any threat to the populace. She managed to hurl them into a nearby construction site, well clear of civilians. She then rapidly evacuated the workers on the site and enaged the robots.

The fight was swift and brutal, characterizing many conflicts with these figures around the world. Thankfully, the Kryptonian heroine emerged victorious, able to destroy one of the attackers and use its death throes to destroy its compatriot. Damages to the work site were not insignificant, but the tens of thousands of dollars damage caused is nothing against the fact that no lives were lost, and no one was harmed. A LexCorp spokesman praised Power Woman's rapid response, and promised that the site would be back on schedule within the week.

Most troubling to some, however, was the sight of Power Woman falling from the sky soon after the conflict was over. Most witnesses on-site claim she did not seem greatly injured, though one did mention it seemed she had done great damage to her hand in the swift battle. However, the heroine was soon surrounded by assistance from various bystanders, and two Justice League members, Marvel Girl and someone believed to be the mysterious Batman. Some bit of chaos is said to have ensued, but no serious damage was done. League spokeswoman Wonder Woman could not be reached for comment on Power Woman's condition.

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