Prison Break
Villains Escape!
Overview: On one of the nearby islands in New York, meta prisoners escape under moonlight.
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.

09-19-14 - The Bugle's front page shows an image of Spiderman, exclaiming villains have escaped from a local prison designed to hold super criminals. The article never indicates Spiderman as one of those in the prison. It does describe that last night, near midnight, a group of Villains escaped. Amongst the group was Gorilla Grodd, Star Man, Evo, Weather Wizard, Griffin, Major Disaster, The Top, The Glider, Captain Cold, and Captain Boomerang. Many of them recently scent to jail from the new group in town that is being called the Outsiders. Much like before, no one from the Outsiders was available for questions on this topic. Inquiries are going to Captain Atom who seems to be a face for this group and a member of the USAF.

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