Mantis Preys on Apple
Overview: Giant Bug Thwarted by Heroes
OOC Contact: Jack Flag.

In a voice like a croony from the 20s, megaphone and all. An internet unkown has pieced together clips from the 10-story tall preying mantis near attack on NYC, mingled with circus-era style grammophone music so it looks like an old news real and posted it, going viral for the moment.

"Mantis Preys on New York City. The bustling bub of our precious hubub, the Big Apple, almost had a bite taken out of her. Giant Preying Mantis emerges, right out of the harbor. Heros respond. Crazy guys leap from shore (footage of Jack Flag and Logan leaping from the shore out to meet the massive bug) but what's this, daring heroine flies in to save the jewel of New York. She seems to be dropping bombs (footage of some sort of concusion energy blasts from static film footage of the Bombshell flying). And whoa, look at that guy fly, (image of Mantis flinging Logan into a building a few blocks away, the only real damage to the city). He needs to work on his style if he's wants to be dancing with the stars. And talk about graffiti, what's with this guy, (Jack Flag steering laser beam eyes away from Bombshell as she blasts the massive thorax - cut to clip from above showing what looks like 'Go Americ-' scrawled on the ground, something must of interrupted the last a). That is our public education at work, chalk one up for Americ! All in a days work, and still time for a slice of apple pie!"

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