Power Woman Pulvarized
Power Woman Pulvarized
Overview: Metallo defeats hero Power Woman before fleeing
OOC Contact: Ruth Maxwell

7.4.2014 - Central Business District

Breaking news as the mechanical villain Metallo broke into and stole equipment from manufacturing firm Adamant Solutions. Shortly after dusk, Metallo's minions forced workers to clear the building. Workers suggest Metallo may have been after the DiamondForge hydraulic ultracompressor, used to make synthetic crystals and gemstone components.

Power Woman arrived on the scene shortly and engaged the android. Details of the fight itself are sketchy and unreliable, but Metallo apparently employed Kryptonite-based weaponry with the intent to kill Power Woman outright. The DiamondForge was destroyed during the battle, but Metallo was victorious over Power Woman. Paramedics responding found her with numerous serious injuries and in an advanced state of reaction to the Kryptonite.

"I don't know what it was that spooked Metallo," one worker said, "One second he was just beating her down in that horrid light, and then next he was running for his life."

Paramedics stayed with Power Woman until League transport arrived to care for her, but could offer little care for her injuries or treatment for her exposure.

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