Oktober Magic
Slight Oktoberfest Disturbance
Overview: Abra Kadabra foiled by Sara Pezzini (Power Woman as Sara), with slight help by Black Lightning
OOC Contact: Black Lightning or Power Woman.

10-14-14 - Oktoberfest, well under way since mid September for some locations, was marred slightly yesterday during a scheduled magic performance. What started out as routine stage magic show turned odd when the man seemed to use some form of hypnosis on the audience, getting them to donate valuables (jewelry, rings, etc.) for his performance. If not for the intervention of Detective Sara Pezzini, there is no telling what may have happened. Able to hypnotize other officers at the festivities, the detective was somehow unaffected during the performance of a man calling himself Abra Kadabra; even Black Lightning of the Outsiders seems to have fallen under the spell even while the detective did mention his interferrence and arrival distracted the man enough for her to move on the target. The man was apprehended and all valuables were returned to their respectful owners by officers on the scene.

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