Observatory Reports
Overview: Rumors of space vessels and people shielding earth from meteors
OOC Contact: Ultimate or Justice Leage

The websites and forums for several observatories around the world, and multiple amateur astronomy groups, have begun threads discussing 'a sudden uptick in near orbital misses' and 'stray or random in-system objects'. Translated down to more common vernacular, apparently they are reporting asteroids and asteroid clouds that have come close to Earth. Most interesting of all are reports that many of these were on track to hit Earth, but then made sudden course changes. None have explicitly mentioned how that could be possible, but a few of the amateur astronomy forums have posts positing that certain images - distorted and grainy - show evidence of space born vessels and even people present at the points when these 'course changes' take place. It should be noted that none of the nationally and internationally reputable observatories have backed any of these claims of deep-space asteroid interceptions. (Some conspiracy theorists have noted that all such 'reputable' groups receive funding from national sources, and theorize that they may be under gag orders from the authorities.)

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