NEO Miss
Observatories Report NEO Miss
Overview: Massive meteor misses earth - phased beyond until it passed the planet
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Observatories throughout the world are chiming in with confusion and mystery today, reporting the apparent but mysterious miss of a Near Earth Object - specifically, a single asteroid measuring in excess of ten kilometers in diameter. Observatories in the Pacific Rim have reported spotting the object moving "away from the Earth on a trajectory which would imply it somehow passed right through the Earth's orbital location" last night around midnight. Observatories in the Northwester Hemisphere have reported "suddenly getting readings and images" of the object just half an hour before this, with apparently no long range telemetry on the object's approach to the Earth.

The Justice League's spokeswoman, Princess Diana of Themyscira, known around the world as Wonder Woman, offered this statement this morning at a press conference held at the Perisphere and Trylon in Queens, New York:

"Justice League member Moon Maiden detected a sudden gravitational shift, and immediately sounded an alarm. Multiple members of the League responded swiftly, and were joined by additional persons we have yet to conclusively identify. At great risk to themselves, they were able to slow down the passing asteroid, and then use a dimensional gateway to briefly translate the asteroid out of our space, and then back on the other side of Earth. Moon Maiden is still recovering from her own efforts on our behalf. The League is offering all of our resources to assist in the investigation of how this object was able to reach Earth with so little warning. We have no further information at this time. Thank you."

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